“Leni out. Message me in the morning.” Lena Meyer-Landrut (28) adopted yesterday on Instagram of her Fans. Previously, she announced that she must hang because of a pain pyelonephritis in hospital on a drip.

Now the Pop has kept the singer word and an Update for your Fans posted can be happy about the good news. “For me, it’s much better, I rest me busy, and tomorrow I am definitely back in shape,” wrote the ESC winner. Especially grateful to Meyer’s wish-Landrut for the support of their Fans: “Thank you for all the Improvement. You are all so sweet as sugar!”

Fan Club sends wishes for a speedy recovery

Actually have the User for their Idol actually really into stuff, like Meyer-Landrut in your Instagram Story shows. There, she shared a Collage of the Fan Club of the singer you sent. 18 members of the “Team L” and holding homemade signs in the camera, a message to Meyer-forms Landrut to: “dear Leni, we all hope you get well soon. Team L send you lots of love.”

even Though the User made so much Worried about Meyer-Landrut, was the whole not too bad. Yesterday, she complained about fatigue and felt weak. Because the singer was but of something else. “I think I’m getting a bladder infection,” she whispered into the camera. Shortly thereafter, she reported to the hospital. Now their Fans can breathe a sigh of relief, fortunately. (klm)