It was a shocking are the pictures of the Fans of Lena Meyer-Landrut (28) straight: In a video message, she reports with a pale face from the hospital to the word. On your Arm and an Infusion is on.

The former ESC-winner keeps the Video short. She says: “renal pelvis inflammation. Rotary cancelled.” Finally, she says: “Leni out. Message me in the morning.” The singer acts in a few seconds-long Video very attached.

Meyer-Landrut suspected cystitis

hours earlier, complaining Meyer-Landrut of fatigue and felt weak. At the time, the singer was but of something else. “I think I’m getting a bladder infection,” she whispered, still in the camera.

The 28-Year-old from a run of bad luck seems to have followed. Only last weekend, she broke out in a concert half of a tooth. Now, it is already again a painful exposed Situation. (bnr)