At the beginning of the year, Emmanuel Macron announced its intention to reform the national School of administration. While the financial situation of the institution is complicated, Patrick Gerard, its director, was detailed on Friday a panel of the reforms that it intends to put in place. Period of education is shorter, contest entry redesigned, as well as in-service training more focused and expensive.

In two interviews, the Figaro and to the Echoes, Patrick Gerard responded Friday to the assertions of Paris, Sunday, according to which ” if nothing changes, the school still has a small reserve to mop up, will be bankrupt within four years “. The daily was based on the accounting documents of the ENA obtained via the think tank liberal iFRAP. “Yes, the deficit of the NAC exists, but there will be no bankruptcy within four years,” says the director of the institution in The Echoes.

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As a first measure of economy, he intends to ” change the duration “, from “twenty-four months to twenty-and-a-half months, and including eleven months of training,” he says to the Figaro, he also confirms that” there will be no more that 80 seats for each promotion, ” whereas this figure was increased to 90. The financial support of officials in the exercise preparing you for the internal competition will be also provided now not by the ENA, but by the departments upon which these public officials.

The internal competition and the third competition (open to the beyond officials) will also be “simplified” to ” enhance skills already acquired.” Moreover, “the events will be fewer in every contest,” said Patrick Gérard. Finally, noting that ” the mismatch between the excellence of the training provided and its ridiculous price “, the director of the ENA wishes to “focus on the training of senior executives” and ” the charge the true price “.

Recognizing a ” structural deficit of 1.8 million euros for seven years “, he criticizes ” the previous governments that have imposed school new charges while lowering its budget “. After the questioning of the Parisian, the ministry of the Action and of the public Accounts had recalled that ” during the arrival of the new government, the statement of financial fragility of the school had been posed “.

“as early As the summer of 2017,” the minister Gérald Darmanin had asked Patrick Gerard “to make proposals for a sustainable recovery of its financial accounts,” and ” the measures adopted have been definitively validated by the minister last September for implementation as of the budget year 2019 “. A plan to return to a balanced budget was presented to the board of directors of the ENA on October 10.

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