Authorities have resumed work on a bill equating e-cigarettes to traditional. After studying the amendments for the second reading, in the President’s administration indicated the advisability of establishing a separate regulation. This is achieved and market participants, noting in particular the necessity of informing consumers about new products, while advertising of traditional cigarettes is prohibited.In presidential administration consider it appropriate to introduce separate regulation of the traditional cigarettes and alternative products to Smoking. This is stated in the conclusion of the state legal Department (GPU) presidential administration on the proposed revision of the state Duma of the relevant bill. A copy of the opinion is at “b”.The original bill drafted by a group of senators headed by Valery Ryazan, imposed on electronic Smoking devices to the same restrictions on cigarettes, with the exception of the ban on the layout of the Windows and distribution of promo. As such, the document was adopted by the state Duma in the first reading at the end of 2019. Then in the lower house of the Parliament received a package of amendments to the second reading from several deputies. The result in the GPU was sent two versions of the bill from the Duma Committee on health protection and deputies Andrey Isaev and Sergei Boyarsky.The key difference between options (copies of bills there is a “b”) lies in the conceptual apparatus. In the wording of the Committee on health of the current determination area is complemented with new categories. Lord Isaev and boyar share the concept of Smoking tobacco and consumption of products with nicotine content. This will allow in the future to expand the list of goods in this category, with new products, explained “Kommersant” Sergey Boyarsky. He noted that the effect of tobacco consumption has been studied, whereas comprehensive studies of exposure-nicotine products on the body yet. Bill Andrey Isaev and Sergei Boyarsky also extends to products with nicotine content restrictions on sales to minors, advertising, open display in retail and online trade.In the result, the GPU was proposed to be the basis for the second reading version of the Isayev lords and knights “as a more balanced and meaningful terminology”, although needs revision.For market participants, the fundamental question remains on the restriction of advertising. According to the Director of Department for work with state bodies “BAT Russia” (promotes heating of tobacco under the brand glo) Oleg Barvin, alternative products are designed for consumers who want to abandon traditional cigarettes, so smokers should receive information about the samex devices.At the same time, the introduction of a separate concept nikotinsoderzhaschie products industry support. According to the Vice-President for corporate Affairs of affiliated companies “Philip Morris international” (developing device Iqos and Teeps) in Russia Sergey Slipchenko, this approach coincides with the decision of the UNECE on the inclusion nikotinsoderzhaschie products separate new category in the Unified list of goods for the development of mandatory security requirements and the corresponding technical regulation.In the middle of 2019, according to Kantar’s data, in Russia an alternative device used 2% of smokers. According to Euromonitor International forecasts, by 2023 the turnover of this market in Russia will reach $3.7 billion According to Sergei Boyarsky, the deputies also discussed the question of total prohibition “of nikakav” — nikotinsoderzhaschie products consumed by sucking, either on the limitation of the maximum allowable amount of nicotine in them. In some cases, the nicotine in these products is 200 mg, which leads to a narcotic effect, he said.Maria Kotova