Legendary captain Anna Shchetinina saved from execution by her husband

Shortly before his departure in 1999 Anna has collected and carefully sorted photographs, letters, awards, documents, publications in the Soviet and world press and referred them to the state Archives of Primorsky Krai. A few folders. In them, as they say, nothing personal.

in addition to writing her husband Nikolai Filippovich Kasimovo.

Anna Shchetinina. From the personal archive. 1980.The letter

Shchetinina writes of postwar Odessa, where is she, captain, arrived in the winter of 1948 on receipt of the ship “Askold”.

“Hello, dear Kolya!

Well, here I am in Odessa, where they were 13 years ago during my first captaincy (in 1935, the 27-year-old Anna Shchetinina, becoming the captain of the steamer “Chinook salmon”, adopted him in Germany, took almost a tour around the world and successfully came to the Kamchatka Peninsula, producing a truly world-a sensation comparable to the space flight of Valentina Tereshkova – the Auth.). Odessa Has Changed. This is not the same cheerful, cheerful and even a few idle Odessa. Maybe here plays the role of saving time, but she is the “mother”, grim, dirty and badly dented. …The sun shines not in winter, snow – no, and it’s hard to believe now – Jan. The weather is likely to face Martha. Yesterday, however, came the rain with the breeze and smelled the Nov. But today again, the sun. […]

Cargo ship “Chinook”.

on Monday, 12.01, expecting my “Askold”. In anticipation of its arrival I visited the Maritime office, where I met a lot of captains – Yes, all friends, ranging from 69-year-old Pope Dancberga to a few old friends still in 1931, when I was first mate on the “Toport”… Dad Salzberg greeted me directly with a tear. He recalls my efforts to assist him in 1944 in the Bering sea, when his new “Valery Chkalov” broke in two. It is, as I said in unisonor, always at the mention of me singing the praises. They are, however, in his Estonian accent sounds very original: “He (it – I), though the woman, but Repotel zdorovo!”

“Askold” in this day came, and I ran through the city. The lighting is poor. Once shiny, smart, bustling Deribasovskaya street looks very different. Stores much poorer than ours. Some buyers, because, they say, the people a little money. We wanted to go to the operetta, but, oddly enough, and money none of us, 4 captains, was not found. The evening had to pass again at home, for the sea stories. […]

V. Klimashin. Illustration for story “the First captain”.

And finally, today was my “Askold”. I saw him from afar… And then there’s the sun peeping out from behind the clouds, and he, dull gleaming, dapper turned and with a clumsy grace to go back to the pier.

the Acceptance decided to make tomorrow, because today is still the 13th… . […]

I am for these days of rest and feel very good. But decided: after this flight to go to the etu Tshaltubo. It’s up to you – sodiroi the ground about the holidays in March.

so enough for today. Mother write separately. Telegrams sent same via Leningrad 35. Try to give at least once a week. I am very concerned about the health of the mother. We need to leave here about 20.01 – there’s still time to get an answer. Yet all the best.

big kiss. Anya.”

Nautical book Shchetinina.A letter to people’s Commissar

the history of the relationship of Anna Ivanovna and Nikolay Filippovich has always remained behind the scenes. Except that Shchetinina would stress in his book “On various sea routes” in 20 years “all of a sudden got married”. Yes indicate in his autobiography that Kacimov worked as a radio operator on ships, was chief of the radio service of Dalvastatin, in 1938 he was arrested and 11 months contained under investigation in 1939, rehabilitated. In 1941 he volunteered to the front, was seriously wounded, he served on ships of the Ladoga flotilla, was awarded the order of the red Star and three medals.

the author of the monument “Motherland” died a few days before its opening

looks Like Anna Shchetinina suddenly got married not only for others, but for yourself. “Blame” this was a legendary far-Eastern captain, one of the founders of Soviet crab fishery Alexander Ignatievich Angelica. A little upstart, early graduated from the Vladivostok sailing, men-captains sought to take on jobs due to the ancient Maritime superstition “Skirt Board – go to the bottom!” And Angelica did, because the girl he held a summer practice chart, and he knew exactly what she though “skirt”, but “boy, that’s it!”.

the radio Operator on the boat Angelica was Nicholas Kachimov.

Anna and Nicholas.

Anna never wrote about love at first sight. But, barely acquainted, they in the same year and got married. About what happened to him ten years later – in 1938 – the family barely spoke. Ask the captain Matinino about family tragedy was useless. All he thought was necessary, it was stated in his book “On various sea routes”: “1938-1939 years were terrible. Time and again we were met by trucks on which the men under guard were taken away to prison. People somehow disappeared, sometimes with their families. It was scary…”

On one of these trucks took labor crowned with glory and awards of captain Alexander Dudnik and the best radio operator in the far East seas of Nicholas Kazimova. Both the 58th firing the article. And both have escaped not only the shooting but also of the Kolyma river, and a year after the arrestand were released.

a Miracle? The answer is found in the book of Anna Ivanovna Shchetinina:

Photo: family archive/ Yuri Rost Ten sons Evdokia Lysenko had gone to war and all returned

“Polina Semyonovna Zhemchuzhina was done in the past revolutionary activity. When I saw her; she was the people’s Commissar of fishing industry and I had to handle it… She had been in Vladivostok and familiarized himself with the cases of the arrested workers of the fishing industry. Polina on the destroyer went to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which also checked the case of those arrested and helped many to return to their former place of work…”

a Veteran of war and labor Valentin Adamyuk, studied in the early years of the art of radio communication have Kasimova, told me: “Summer 1939. Unloading at the port. Calls captain Arnold Karlovich Krems. I went, and in his cabin smiling Nikolai F. Kazimov – husband of the legendary Shchetinina. Alive and unharmed!”

never Shchetinina said that saved her husband from execution.

do as I Do! 1965. Photo: RIA Novostirussia letter

They met the sea. It is the same and life were separated. And the war each of them had their own. First, both fought in the Baltic, protecting Leningrad. She is captain on the steamer “Saule” – in August 1941 he participated in the mass evacuation of Tallinn. Later historians will call this the epic of the Baltic sea Tsushima – there were so many dead, so many sunk ships. But little sun, though, and was hit by a German bomber, survived and came to Leningrad. And soon the captain Matinino seconded to Vladivostok, where lend-lease from America was delivered military supplies. In five years, Shchetinina and her ships “KaRL Liebknecht”, “homeland” and “Jean jaurès”, avoiding enemy mines, aircraft and submarines, across the Pacific back and forth 17 times!

Photo: Press-service of the government of Sevastopol In Sevastopol, women receive flowers from the black sea fleet sailors

A sea her of Nicholas the war was Ladoga. And if not, he and other modest heroes of the Ladoga flotilla, the lake would not for the salvation of Leningrad and the world famous way of Life. Here, on lake Ladoga, at the end of 1941 had their fleeting encounter on the gunboat “Selemdzha”, export trading group of sailors, including Anna Ivanovna, from the besieged city. Senior radio operator on the “Selenge” was Nicholas Kachimov. Perhaps the details of that extraordinary meeting – in a letter that Anna is not passed to the archive.

Books Anna Shchetinina.TOUCH TO Portretele sails

he Lived on the shore of the wise Storyteller,

Old and gray.

He lit in colorful tints.

a Rainbow over the water.

With this rainbow secretly divide

Joy and dreams…

He is of a rainbow created the girl

Angelic beauty.

the cloth of the sky scarlet

carved out of the sails

And over the waves and on the rocks

the ship Soared into the skies!

Bottled all solemn.

Music in the heavens,

And the boat is ruled by a woman

With a rainbow in her hair.

Edmund Iodkovsky


Books Anna Shchetinina.

the Husband died in 1950-m to year, only 47-year-old. Shchetinina never married. After the war he taught at the merchant Navy in Leningrad and Vladivostok. He went to sea. Participated in congresses and conferences. Engaged societyconstant work…

It twice “filed” for the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. And both times in vain. Wife and forty years later was responsible for the damn 58th article husband. In 1978, when the 70th anniversary Shchetinina, it still gave the Star, the entire far East fleet exhaled: “at last!”

Photo: Primorsky Krai state archive and the Maritime state University. Admiral G. I. Nevelskoy (Vladivostok)