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Already three weeks ago asked the attorney general whether the local karanteneregler had to be repealed. But several municipalities refused. Thus gave the government information to the county governors to examine about each of the municipality comply with the law.

History is full of examples of North-Norway is governed from the south.

Kommuneoverlege in Loppa, Olav Gunnar Ballo, believes the county prevents smittevernarbeidet through to drive lovlighetskontroll of the municipalities.

the County is going with the subtleties and legal peculiarities to damage bones during the municipalities, he believes.

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– There is one in particular hangs in is the so-called søringkarantenen, and that the northern municipalities dare to have a tighter plot than the central authorities, ” says Ballo.

Together with the management of the Finnmark county medical association langer Ballo out against kontrollvirksomheten in a chronicle.

– When displaying the ability to act locally, as there are some power brokers who feel threatened in their positions. History is full of examples of North-Norway is governed from the south, ” says Ballo.

Elisabeth Aspaker went out of solbergregjeringen before she began as the regional.

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / Scanpix Rejects criticism

the Regional Elisabeth Aspaker says she does not recognize themselves in the criticism, the doctors dishes towards her. She has previously held ministerposter in Erna’s government, before she began as the regional in 2017.

– It is passed many local measures which are stricter than the national regulations. There may be good reasons to, and we have not added us up in.

the County governor in Troms and Finnmark have been local smitteverntiltak in Bardu, Karlsøy and Vardø. The reasons have been defects in the proceedings, or that the measures have been too stringent, says Aspaker

the Rule in Vardø, that travelers from the neighboring municipality were in quarantine, was considered unnecessarily restrictive.

– Although we are in a crisis situation, it is important that the rule of law are upheld, and that there is legal governance in the municipalities of our, says Aspaker.

Earlier stortingspolitiker Olav Gunnar Ballo believe the attempt at control of the municipalities under the koronapandemien join a number of similar examples from the story.

Photo: Erlend Aas / Scanpix – Give associations to the earlier times

Ballo set on the Norwegian Parliament for twelve years, up to 2009, and believes that there are historical reasons that the northerners react to interference from the south.

– I think a lot of people in the north get associations to earlier times, where one has to decide for themselves is a threat to national decisions.

Ballo believes the situation has been the same for northerners since the 1500s.

– Someone will probably stall over the comparison with the witch trials, when Norway was subject to Denmark. But the parameters for the heksebrenningen was added in Copenhagen. Power was also the time, you’d turn down on it one could perceive that the seed of rebellion, says Aspaker.

the justice minister has previously denied that you now are faced with a conflict between the north and the south, but will not comment on the criticism from the doctors in Finnmark.

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / Scanpix – Not conflict between the north and the south

justice minister Monica Maeland has several times alleged that the municipalities ‘ resilience against the government is not the expression of some conflict between north and south in Norway.

the Norwegian broadcasting corporation has referred to the Ballos criticism for the Justice department, will not comment on the case. Public RELATIONS department refers to the ministry of Health, which states that it is natural that the county governors as the state’s representative to follow up the municipalities.

intertwined with regionreformen

Especially Monica Mælands history of Troms and Finnmark, are drawn up by a doctor and former member of the Norwegian parliament, Olav Gunnar Ballo.

At new year were the contested regionreformen carried out, and several counties were merged. Against strong protests, especially from the finnmarkinger.

– In the extension of this happens what we see now. The strong senses is that Monica Mæland is located behind the county and says that here, the municipalities are overridden, they must not do as they want, ” says Ballo.

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