Munich, – This wedding has an expensive epilogue.

of groom Charles L.* wedding guest Sönke L. (39) has been smashed in the fight with a Kick to the leg, he must now pay for Pain and suffering in the amount of 10 000 Euro. So now is the judgment of the district court of Munich II.

invited a hell of A story: Sönke L. was in June 2017 with his girlfriend Eva* as a guest at the wedding ceremony of groom Charles L. in the high castle Ried/ Bernried.

With the event Manager, Sven G.*, the Ex-boyfriend of Eva. During the Festival, there was a dispute between the two men. Groom Charles L. intervened.

Twice, the wedding guest had to be operated on, further operations photo: private

follow At the end of engineer Sönke L. was severely injured on the floor. He suffered in the fight for an open multiple fracture of the right tibia.

According to the L. its violation of a Occurs of the groom, Karl L, in the dispute, interfered, came. Karl L. warred down. Helped nothing – the court looked at the now according to a report to be proved.