In the Russian city of Cherdyn (Perm region), a 63-year-old man left without books, with anger burned someone’s house. This was reported on the website of the interior Ministry in the region.

Such an act was caused by a revenge — monger offended that his friend gave him books. Being in a state of alcoholic intoxication, in the evening the Russians came to the house of the parents of his friend, broke the glass of the veranda and threw a burning match into the bag from the ill-fated books. Then the man stepped aside and, making no attempt to extinguish the fire, waited.

the Fire was noticed by neighbors. They called the fire Department and the police because of the owners house during the incident was not at home. The incident completely burned the porch. The total damage amounted to about 37 thousand rubles. Now, the arsonist faces up to five years in prison.

Earlier in the city of Ivanovo Russian, for unknown reasons, afraid that he was being watched through a hidden camera in someone else’s house and to get rid of surveillance, burned it. The fire destroyed the apartment with an area of 38.5 square meters.