On Friday, 14. June, go on strike, the Swiss women. Thousands lay down their work, United in the fight against sexism and wage inequality, for a better compatibility of Job and family – to name just a few of the concerns of the strikers.

But of all places in the Federal house of operation will continue to run as if nothing has happened! The summer session makes those politicians who are on strike want a dash through the bill.

14. June, the following applies: operation is up to 13 h

to blame, if you will, the day of Pentecost. Normally scheduled for the Friday of the second week of a Session, no meeting of the Council. However, because of the whit Monday, no meeting takes place, this on Friday, 14. June, rescheduled. The woman day of the strike.

“in fact, the Parliament is in operation on the 14. June is observed up to 13 PM and this also,” says Council President Marina Carobbio (52, SP). “The port should remain the members of Parliament sufficient time to participate in events,” says the highest Swiss.

Carobbio himself wants to attend a rally in the Canton of Ticino. And a few ideas, such as the woman’s strike could also be to the Parliament, carried her even through the head. Is decided but at the present time, still nothing.

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“It’s really a pity that the two dates coincide,” says SP-national councillor Yvonne Feri (53), the Co-President of the parliamentary women’s group. Responsible for the expiry of the session days in the Parliament, the office of the national Council, filled with members from all the groups. “That would be office advanced,” says Feri, “it would pay tribute to this day in the Federal house. But I don’t go out.”

On Facebook addiction Feri ideas for actions in the Parliament. A colored Attire came up as an idea, possibly Crochet, such as the Portal Nau.ch writes. “It may, however, go to the Initiatives, the importance of the topic to emphasize,” says Yvonne Feri. Where you in the afternoon of the 14th. June will go on strike, don’t know you yet. You will visit one or two events – after Marina Carobbio has closed the meeting of the national Council.

Or everything comes at the end, but in a different way? The first women’s strike of 14. June 1991, in any case, thousands laid demonstrators in front of the Covenant house operation in the building for several hours of largely lame.