Left legend: at the age of 103 years died best on-screen Spartacus - kirk Douglas

Hollywood actor Michael Douglas announced the sad news. At the age of 103 years, his father died – the cinema legend kirk Douglas.

“For all the world he was a legend, an actor from the Golden age of cinema,” wrote Michael Douglas.

kirk Douglas was born on 9 December 1916 in the city of Amsterdam in a family of immigrants from the Russian Empire. At birth his name was Danilovich Icer. His parents met at a time when both lived in the Mogilev region, which was part of the Russian Empire.

In the U.S. the family moved after two years after his marriage in 1910. And there were born all the children a pair of six girls and one boy.

Dreaming since childhood of becoming an actor, Icer from the early years moonlighting as a peddler of Newspapers and food to help the family. In the evenings he liked to make performances at home with his sisters and parents.

after school, the young man successfully graduated from College, where he received an athletic scholarship for outstanding achievements in wrestling. And in 1939, the future legend enters the prestigious American Academy of dramatic arts in new York. It was there that the head of the student troupe came up with his alias, which like Icer. So he became kirk Douglas. And it was there that he met his future wife, Diana dill, in Union with which the father of two children.

From 1941 to 1943 Douglas served in the communications division of the U.S. Pacific fleet, where he was through perseverance. The young man took the service because of vision problems. But kirk found the textbook “Vision without glasses” through which he fixed his sight on their own.

Returning home after the army, the actor started his career. But only a few years later it came to fame after the role of Spartacus in the same tape, the then young Director Stanley Kubrick’s. During his career the actor has acted in 90 films.

Having three nominations for “Oscar” kirk Douglas received his statuette in 1996. It was an honorary Oscar for her distinguished career.

He has written ten books, several autobiographies and novels. At 94 kirk Douglas has been recognized as the oldest blogger celebrity in the world. He was really fascinated by the social network. In addition, the actor was known for his charity work. Remembering his poor childhood, he was generous to help the suffering people.

on 5 February 2020, the heart of this dear person and a great actor ceased to beat.