Actress Chulpan Khamatova, who left Russia for Latvia after the start of the special operation, shared her emotions about communicating with people after her departure. According to StarHit, she complained of “bullying” from acquaintances whom she had previously helped.

“They are now taking advantage of the situation when it is profitable to kick me and they are happy to do it,” the actress said.

Khamatova noted that she will not change, even if she will continue to be criticized, and will continue to live “in her paradigm, in her vision.”

Khamatova spoke about the difference between Russians and Europeans

Recall that for almost six months Chulpan has been living in Riga, where she was hired at the New Riga Theater. Recently, she complained that her income had dropped significantly — if in Sovremennik she was paid 3.5 thousand euros for going on stage, then in Latvia they pay only 800 euros for a month of work.