With a lawsuit against the tax reform and the AHV funding (Staf) to be “the hostage-taking of citizens” objectionable, which was committed with the package vote on two different topics to the citizens, said the lawyer and former Vaud SP-state councillor Pierre Chiffelle on Sunday night against the Western Swiss television RTS. With the vote, the citizens would have the choice to approve the new scheme of company taxation with the AHV financing, jointly or reject it.

The possible Complainants base their reasoning on a Letter from the Federal office of justice from may 2018 to the economic Commission of the Council of States. In this, the authority comes to the conclusion that the link was a “borderline case”, but “acceptable”.

Such a suit against a vote work?

The Federal Council defended the package vote. Federal President Ueli Maurer said in February that it was part of the political culture of Switzerland, to forge compromises. The Staf was a typical compromise template to bring the two concerns together.

A complaint against the vote, no later than three days after the publication of the results in the official Gazette for the Canton must be filed. Thereafter, the cantonal government has ten days to decide. The decision can also drag the Complainant and finally to the Federal Supreme court.

What is the AHV-tax-Deal wants?

In the case of planned Federal law on the tax reform and the AHV financing is a new edition of the 2017 failed corporate tax reform III. The submission of new benefits for all companies. To increase the attractiveness of the location. Additional two billion Swiss francs per year for the AHV to make the law at the ballot box, a majority. The act is intended to 1. January enter into force in 2020. (SDA)

Switzerland will vote in may on two templates. VIEW explains what it is exactly.

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