Lech Walesa about the requirements of reparations: if you calculate wisely will be one to one

Former President of Poland and Nobel peace prize winner Lech Walesa expressed his opinion about the current relations between Moscow and Warsaw. According to him, the situation is ambiguous from both sides, but a dialogue is needed: when people talk, to discuss problems and find their solutions.

According to Walesa, the relations between Russia and Poland, and now you can do good.

“our countries should be so, — he said. — When we fight, it wins only a third force. From Warsaw, has always been closer to Moscow than to Washington.”

In an interview “Собеседник.Ru” the former President of Poland expressed the idea to create three commissions to include representatives of both countries. One of them could “deal with the issue of wartime”, the other — the relations of Poland with the Soviet Union and calculations, “who owes what to whom”. The third group, according to Walesa, “watch what they do to us to hold a good position in Europe.” Russian President Vladimir Putin could every six months to monitor the work of these commissions, says former head of Poland.

Russia and Poland deserve to live in peace and friendship, said Walesa. But the first step is to establish the relationship he expects from Russia.

“Always one who is stronger, holds out his hand weaker. Powerful Russia, Poland is much weaker,” he says.

as for talking about the right Warsaw reparation from Russia for damages caused during world war II, Walesa is on their own point of view. According to him, it’s like that “to demand to return him to his younger years”. They have already passed — and even if you calculate wisely will be one to one.

“we Must go forward — this is important,” he says.