The 2:0 victory of Manchester City in the Derby at United is a shock for all Liverpool Fans. Three laps from the finish, it has a point behind. While Liverpool still to Huddersfield (h), Newcastle (a) and Wolverhampton (h), Manchester City against Burnley (a) Leicester (h) and Brighton (a) ran.

Hardly a role Xherdan Shaqiri (27), in the last eight Premier League Games seven Times in 90 minutes on the bench sat last played. Despite previously 22 Games with 6 goals.

The big question: Should he leave Liverpool in the summer despite having a contract until 2023? LOOK asked four national experts.

“I am very surprised, he has very started well with Assists and goals. For me, he has shown that he can move in one of the best teams in the world and the level has to. That’s why I think it clear that he does not have to leave this summer, Liverpool! He must continue to fight to get more playing time and a regular place.”

“Jürgen Klopp took Shaq built him and brought him. Shaq made Horny games. That he now plays, has only one reason: In this hot Phase of the championship are You doing any experiments. Shaq the precious Joker, as nothing will change. For me, he has to make in the summer, the question: I Want to be precious Joker of the highest level? Or I want a club where I play? Sure he would play at a club like Arsenal. But to win Big as the Premier League or the Champions League in the near future? No. In his place, I would talk with the coach, and would remain, if I can feel it. And then fight like a Madman to be regular players, if, for example, a knockout to Real Madrid.”

“I’m actually far to analyze. But let’s say this: something happened, and we all know nothing, he needs to make a change to the eye. Klopp trusts him more, as he said recently in the SRF in an Interview, then he must remain in any case.”

“For me, the case is clear: He should stay at Liverpool and continue to develop. If no major problems are present.”