learn The discussions about reading and the spelling are very emotional: children could read and write! Free methods such as Writing to the hearing should be prohibited, and demand some. Therefore, Simone Jambor-Pale from the Mercator Institute for language education and English as a second language, a fact check published and summarized above has said, what the research on this topic and what is not. Here are some of the findings:

All of the questions in the Overview: Are students getting worse at reading and Writing? There is the right method to help children to read and Write to teach? Should we ban so Write by ear? Students are always poor in reading and Writing?

Clearly, the answer of the author is not. Curricula have changed, the life of the world. Today am going to put the Writing in school is often much more free and creative texts as earlier, is it in the fact check. Perhaps less on the spelling. Only creativity and expression can be much worse measure than spelling errors. This is also later in everyday life more.

A recent study by 2018 compared the spelling performance of Hamburg’s primary school children from the year 1994 and 2014 and came to the result: today, The students made fewer errors than 20 years ago, if you had to write single words, but more, if you have any texts you have written. The results are probably inaccurate, because the conditions can not necessarily compare. The Igloo study showed that the reading performance stayed in 2016 compared to 2011, constant, which, however, was not a particularly good message. Because other countries had improved the services. The IQB-education trend of 2018 showed similar results, but the spelling performance with raised – and which was actually worse than in the study previously. The creativity, we do not know.

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it Is the right method to help children to read and Write to teach?

Again, the answer is complex: It depends on which teacher or what a teacher taught and what are the requirements to bring the pupil or the pupil. Of an open-plan teaching other children to benefit as of a closed, in which the teacher guides the children step-by-step, and controls.

Rather powerful children, who often come from well-educated families, learning to read and Write in General, with any method, even in an open classroom in which they develop many of their own.

especially weaker pupils learned, but better, if you practice Writing systematically. A guided lesson will give you security. The author comes to the conclusion that especially the Training and Practice is essential for success – not so much the method behind it.

studies also provide evidence that the spelling services to align, on average, in the course of the basic school, no matter which method is taught.

The controversial Writing by ear (scientific reading by Writing) the children are encouraged to try himself out by writing as you listen to the words. The spelling rules they learn later. With the primer method, you will learn a systematic.

As methods are taught but rarely in their imaginary pure Form, but elements of other methods to be supplemented, it’s nearly impossible, such as a method acting individually, really. In the modern brooches are also open learning concepts can be integrated. When you Write by ear, most of the teachers are most likely alone, because they assign grades and education standards will need to meet very soon, in addition, systematic spelling exercises introduce.

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you Should prohibit Write by ear?

Pale is the author of The facts of the checks, Jambor -, argues neither for a ban on a method for a different requirement. There have been no reliable studies that prove that a method is appropriate or not. Teachers should have comprehensive didactical concepts, to all the children.

she writes, the children would learn very differently. Some of the best learn when they read the words themselves or write. Others want to first know the rules to understand the principle. And as already described, children need, which the learning of reading initially is difficult, a teacher, or a teacher, who guides you in a targeted manner. Their deficits should be individually analyzed in order to find out which Exercises and methods of the individual children benefit.

Pure memorization look but none particularly well. Pupils should early spelling rules to a brought close, you to understand when and why they attack. You should be able to try out how a word is written. Reading and Writing should be taught that the children desire to want to read texts and to write their own.

And finally, concepts and methods to the teaching force must fit. You must feel safe in order, and the concept needs to fit in with your teaching style.

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