On the streaming service Hulu has released Comedy max Barbakow “palm springs”, in which romantic line is inseparable from the existential horror of life in the same repeating day. Julia Sigelman believes that the authors of the film quite managed to find a new approach to the story, familiar even in “Groundhog Day”.On the morning of November 9, Niles (Andy Samberg) wakes up in a hotel room in palm springs, where he stopped, his girlfriend misty (Meredith Hagner) and other guests at the wedding thals (Camila Mendes) and Abe (Tyler Jaklin). The day starts with a not very successful attempts to have sex, followed by beer in the pool, second, third and so on until the evening and the wedding reception, to which Niles claimed right in a Hawaiian shirt and yellow shorts. Not letting go of the hands of another can of beer, it behaves as if you’ve wandered here by accident, but surprisingly deftly maneuvers between the elegant hotel and even delivers touching toast. Here he meets the older sister of the bride Sarah (Kristin Milioti), for which the whole celebration — a real torture. The meeting continues on the beach (misty at that time also hooked up with one of the guests, forgetting about the boyfriend), but the smooth running of the visits is interrupted when the third superfluous (John. K. Simmons), is configured not romantically. Running a couple of turns in some strange cave, although Niles warns Sarah that she did not go there. On the morning of November 9, they both Wake up again each in his hotel room in palm springs. And then again, and again…”This is one of those situations with an infinite time-loops, of which you have probably heard,” says Niles Sarah when it turns out that he lived is November 9, so many times that it long ago lost count. Of course she’s heard about them — as heard and the audience: in 1993, when he released “Groundhog Day,” Harold Ramis, movies about characters stranded in one point of time and space, managed to turn into a separate subgenre, based on which you can build a story about almost anything. From relatively recent examples can remember the Thriller “Source code” (2011), the Thriller “edge of tomorrow” (2014), a Comedy horror movie about a homicidal maniac “have a Happy day of death” (2017) or reflexology the series “Living dolls” (2019) — fractional structure is generally ideal for this story.Therefore, the writer Andy Share and Director max Barbakow (for both this film and the debut feature film) don’t even have to explain anything. What if “Groundhog day,” stuck not one person but two (or three — the emergence of John. K. Simmons, as always, adds to the Comedy fire a generous portion of gasoline)? What if some of these people put up with fantastic circumstances — still life has no meaning, so what’s the difference, where and when to spend it, and someone rubbed��em hope? What if to stop bad infinity you have to think about their behavior and begin to do good deeds? Oh, no, we have already passed in “Groundhog Day”, in the world, “palm springs” it doesn’t help. Well, but at least the weather in California is better than in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and when it once again bored, the imagination can be something to spur.With a cheerful nihilism, the authors build a series of funny, wild, sometimes reaching the absurd episodes (here clearly shows the influence of the Comedy trio The Lonely Island, part of which is of Samberg, along with its partners produced the film), which is the charm of the main characters and a relaxed on-screen chemistry between them give an unexpected warmth. In the end, if it fell out again and again to live the same day, indistinguishable from the previous and the next, better to do it in the company of someone, a sense of humor with which it coincides.