It’s been only five days since my friend and I have decided to leave due to the Coronavirus to our apartment. The reason: First of all, I suffered from a nasty cold, and now he. We are not indeed sure, Corona is the risk to infect others, we don’t want to comment but still – you never know.

For one or other of the Couple (or the WG) may be not be a Challenge for us, 24/7-to each other crouching completely new. He: because of his job in Bern usually always late at home and because of his Band often to the samples and travel. I: in the evening, although theoretically much earlier at home, but most still long with friends on the go. And there are certain things we do eh prefer to be alone – I visit for example, my best Friends and family in Germany. Our relationship to the regular distance does you good. We can miss often, and keep our butterflies in the stomach.

Unusual life

and Then Corona came. Now we are seeing what we could otherwise only in the holidays – he and I. Around. To. The. At. In a 80 square meter apartment – SOS. How our everyday life looks like at the moment? We sit with our Laptops (in this Moment), an estimated 30 inches of each other at the same table and work. From morning to evening. In between there times a kiss or the typical question “What are we eating today” – added comes mostly from me. First, he nursed me with lots of tea and soups healthy, now I him. A Dream.

exchanged, But in addition to the tenderness and care shown by the close living together, unfortunately, also its drawbacks. For him, it does not have to be during the day still. They would prefer to turn the music all the time. And, unfortunately, it is not the new Harry Styles of the Album, but Punk Geschrabbel, I am not usually so. Especially not when I need to concentrate. Add to this: News are everything. It takes virtually no thirty minutes, in which not the current Corona level is checked. I could be no matter, you think. If I can be less distracted, but every Time (a lot) earlier, and am therefore alone in the kitchen needs to swing, then, unfortunately, already. If I could not just wait? Excluded. You don’t know “hangry Denise”.

My other weaknesses? I can’t see so well the quiet Village when he is home. Jo, mega Problem just. And The Situation makes me feel so crazy that I get every evening after dinner, my five minutes, in which I freak out. So, in a positive sense. Singing I fetze through the apartment. Yesterday I was in my Performance to beyoncé’s “lists” of everything. And the Lord? The don’t look again! Because I was offended. After all, I’m at his concerts, of course always in the front row.

measures, the the together easier

life, that’s all, nothing earth-shattering, but we have at least another month of home staying in front of us. And so it does not get escalated, we have made arrangements:

Means: Call the girlfriend/boyfriend/mom/dad, then we go into the other room and close the door. And also, if the a just time for something different, than the be’s (reading, music, …), then he makes the stop. Without that anyone of us is offended. Even if it is funny. Because whenever we were together at home, we have made in the past, then mostly holding things together.

The first agreement that we made on the first day of the Aufeinanderhockens: If we are annoyed by the other, we will approach it the same and nice. So it can not come in the best case, even a dispute.

Annoying the other based on the second rule, something mega, then a compromise must be found. In the case of listening to music: My friend is listening to while working on headphones, in our breaks, we switch on the system.

And to each other. There are others outside who have the privilege of working with a Partner you love, to live together. In a crisis situation, in which you can get quickly scared, we have with us. And the more than ever.

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The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.