a Leading TV channel “Rain” Pavel Lobkov was infected with coronavirus. The disease occurs in a mild form, he is treated from COVID-19 at home. About this he wrote on his page on Facebook.

According to Lobkov, a disease he was diagnosed with the doctors of the First city hospital, and the treatment it receives from third clinic at the ponds. The presenter said that for the first time in 40 years in the media he issued a medical certificate. He also said that by order of the chief editor of “Rain” stopped essential activities.

In this case, Lobkov says that unless he brought from the clinic of the medication.

His post in the social network is accompanied by a description of the result of computer tomography. It indicates a high probability of disease and the mild form the patient. In may, the President of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov said that the coronavirus infected more than thousands of journalists, 500 of them are under medical supervision. According to him. in 23 countries from the consequences of COVID-19 died 55 journalists.

According to the operational headquarters on may 8, with the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus infection in Russia was ill 187 859 people, recovered 26 608 (10 259 of them in Moscow). Died 1723 infected with coronavirus (956 in Moscow). In the top five regions in number of cases COVID-19 — Moscow (98 522 infected), Moscow oblast (18 350), St. Petersburg (6565), Nizhny Novgorod oblast (3886) and Dagestan (2468).