“Today the whole world is going through a very difficult time – pandemic COVID-19 has completely changed the life on the planet in almost all areas. Not an exception and the music industry,” write the band.

It took every world-famous musicians and young soloists, leading Symphony orchestras and chamber music groups, Philharmonic and concert halls, major international festivals, and small production projects, Federal, regional and private promoters in all cities of Russia.

Cancelled concerts, musical performances and even rehearsals of musical groups. Musicians, like all of us, believe that this difficult period will soon be over, but there remains the important question is how we together will get through this difficult time. Musicians, conductors, managers of orchestras and Director of the Philharmonic society want to understand “how to recover real concert and festival life in Russia”.

They remind us that for over 200 years, Russia remained one of the world leaders in the field of classical music and the performing arts.

“the Life of all great composers and performers, orchestras and soloists is associated with direct interaction with the audience during live performances. And without such communication the art of music is deprived most important – living direct interaction with the public,” the statement says.

across the country are gradually beginning to lift restrictions imposed because of the pandemic. And representatives of the music community I propose to think together and to discuss in detail the specific step-by-step measures to overcome the current crisis.

“it is Necessary that all the key decisions – whether coordination of the format of concerts <…> and prior to this rehearsal period was adopted with a mandatory discussion with representatives of the professional music community,” insisted leading musicians of the country.

In their opinion, only in this case, a return to the real, rich concert life in Russia will happen as wisely and effectively to all its members: from the public to the performers.