In the Volga and North Caucasus districts — semi-finals of the competition, prospective managers “Leaders of Russia”. Who wants to apply their skills across the country?

it Seems that fear and doubt he did know. Alexander Chernyshov making his thousandth jump with a parachute. But to participate in the contest decided only this year. Excitement as before the first jump.

“I started my career here with, that came and went skydiving for the first time. I did not like. I broke my leg. And I had a great desire at home to do something better,” admitted Alexander Chernyshov — Director of ARMAGH “Airfield Frolovo”.

At the airport in Perm, which was on the verge of closing, Alexander Chernyshov organized skydiving club, and now 10 years later he is one of the best in the region.

“ten years for medical reasons I was banned from the sport, I didn’t exercise at all,” recalls Julia Dubinkina — compliance specialist-control of the pharmaceutical company.

Sports, sure Julia, strengthens not only health, but also character. So, an employee of the large pharmaceutical companies could lose 20 pounds and for several years not medicated. She went to the semifinals of the competition “Leaders of Russia” is as easy as lift heavy weights. And it is in the Volga region selection was the toughest — 125 people in place.

All the contestants were divided into teams. Within two days they will work together to solve complex problems. What, the organizers kept secret.

Participants not only need to cope with the task in a certain period, but also to participate, because the estimated first and foremost the leadership qualities of each. In the Superfinal, which will be held in Sochi, will go only to the top 30.

In short breaks Maria calls home. In Penza waiting for her husband, 14 children and urgent problems of the charitable Foundation. To contest it in the first place ischetons of like-minded people. For five years Maria helps children with severe disabilities. Yet — only in the Penza region.

“We have built four houses accompanied accommodation, in which 50 children live,” — said Maria Lvova-Belova, Director of the NGO “Kvartal Louie.”

Experienced managers and young specialists to the contest all on equal terms.

Gregory Sazanov still ahead, he’s one of the youngest participants of the competition. After finishing a medical, Gregory received the second higher education — now a lawyer. In the contest “Leaders of Russia” has filed an application for new knowledge.

the all-Russian competition “Leaders of Russia” is held for the third time, but the interest in it is increasing, because within two years of appointment to high office has received more than 150 finalists, among them two became the Governor, and five Deputy Federal Ministers.