The technology sector has not attracted Lea von Bidder (29), because it is a Tech-Freak. When she was in her early twenties, she decided to aware of in the Tech industry to enter. “I was impressed by the large and rapid effect, the Tech could companies achieve,” she explains to the VIEW. At the time, from Zurich, had built a University degree in economic science already, a chocolate company in India.

However, resulted in what the company was local and went to her slowly. She wanted to move on with your work more. It was lucky that she met shortly after her return to Zurich in the year 2014, the co-founder of Medical Start-ups Ava. Of Bidder hired as Marketing Manager and became the face of Ava, which produced two years later in the USA, the eponymous bracelet Ava on the market. The bracelet with the Sensor and the App helps women with children desire to be pregnant.

technology is helping women to self-determination

Since then, expanded Ava to Europe and Asia and has been awarded two Times as a Swiss Start-up of the year. Next year, the company will take over from Bidder the line and goes from your place of work, San Francisco (USA) to Zurich.

It was no coincidence that you worked so strong for the health of women, she says. You have been as a Teenager with the lack of Women in positions of leadership, glass Ceilings and quotas for women and asked how they could support women. Ava helps women to become more self-determination, because it enables you to determine your fertile days.

From the Bidder believes they’ve done it in a leadership position, because to be targeted, pursued their Vision. At the same time a certain amount of help your self-confidence, their curiosity and desire to change. “For me, it would be no Option to make it always the Same,” she says.

Still do not have equal opportunities

she was met in the industry never to big obstacles, because she is a woman. The sun in your subject area. She argues: “Nevertheless, I would like to stress that the Situation for men and women is really different. There is definitely no equality, not even in Switzerland.” Equal opportunities there is a need for a Together.

Because Tech is the future in all areas is, could open the industry to women the doors, is convinced the Swiss. It is also important to set a good example. In management, the proportion of women is over 50 percent.

Since 2017 is conducted annually, a national Digitaltag under the auspices of digital Switzerland. The goal is to make the digitalisation of the Swiss population experience, as well as opportunities and challenges to demonstrate. On 3. September 2019, the event will take place for the third Time. At twelve locations, there are around 300 free activities such as stage shows and exhibitions – all within the theme of “lifelong learning”. VIEW reports on women who assert themselves in the world of Tech professions. Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) will open the day of action in Bern officially. The Digitaltag, incidentally, is a Swiss invention, the Initiator Marc Walder (54), chief of BLICK publisher Ringier is. Click here to read everything about the 3. Swiss Digitaltag: