“shut up, I hope that the government knows what they are doing.”

It is the message from the DJ, radio host and mediechef Le Gammeltoft, who, like many other traders can only speculate on what will happen with both them and the entire Danish economy, when corona-the crisis is even over.

To B. T. tells the 41-year-old proprietor of the medium Heartbeats, to her frustration – she also has aired on Twitter – should not be seen as a criticism of the government. She just hope indeed that the government knows what they are doing when they close the country down in order to stem coronasmitten, she says.

“It is frustrating to see small, creative business in growth, that are going under. Entrepreneurs who put blood, sweat and tears into their business and now must turn the key on,” says Le Gammeltoft.

today saw she is the first in his circle, who had to throw in the towel and fire 100 employees. And it makes an impression.

“I can well recognize the pain when you have built yourself a business up and sitting way in the anxiety of whether it can bear,” says Le Gammeltoft.

In 2014 started the previous DR host of the podcast medium Heartbeats, which since has grown bigger and today in addition provide articles and video.

even Though the media group Aller Media last year acquired the majority of the Heartbeats, and the media is not about to go under, then sit Le Gammeltoft, with many of the same concerns as her entrepreneur friends.

“As ceo and founder I must cut all places. Unsubscribe cleaning and fruit basket, hand leasingbilen back. Every penny saved is needed if you want to hold on to its employees. Everyone is scared and bored of it, but there will be bony through at home, even if people have children on your lap,” says Le Gammeltoft.

“It is a difficult balance to keep the momentum. If I send employees home, I can not produce, and so dies my business.”

Immediately, the government has not offered an aid package, after Le Gammeltofts assessment can help her business. She is still waiting for initiatives that cater for the young companies in the growth, she says, before she says, more generally:

“But you know not, after all, on the stimulus packages at all when to come into force before it is too late.”

General is the uncertainty that bothers her the most. And the uncertainty, that was the reason for her original tweet, in which she questioned whether the government knows what they are doing.

“I don’t want to try to create discord or be critical, but I just hope really, they have turned every stone before they are blown out in this insane change of direction. It’s crazy to close a community down, but is it required? There could have been another way? No one knows it – I don’t have a suggestion for a solution – and that’s it, that’s crazy,” she says.

“We’ve read stories from abroad, where it has been tested in both more and earlier and closed less down. Had it been a better strategy? Maybe. Is there a reason they have not done it? Maybe. After all, we are not in the forhandlingsrummene,” she says and continues:

“It is hard for us regular people to speculate on. I just hope really, they know what they’re doing. It would be nice if we knew what was the right thing to do.”