McDonald’s will be foraying into plant-based meat alternatives with its new ‘McPlant’ food line. Despite it being a serious move by the fast food giant, the online response seemed primarily focused on the project’s name.

“McPlant is crafted exclusively for McDonald’s, by McDonald’s,” said the company’s president of international business Ian Borden during an investor presentation on Monday.

The McPlant line is under development and may well include plant-based burgers and substitutes for chicken meat among the range, according to Borden. The first trials of the McPlant burger are due to be launched in some markets next year.

“When customers are ready for it, it will be ready for them,” Borden said, describing the McPlant as “delicious-tasting.”

 Online commenters were quick to pounce on the unimaginative title for the project, ridiculing the new product’s “lame” and “lazy” name. 

@McDonalds lame burger name, McPlant, is so bad it made BYND drop $20. 😭

Among the eye-rolling at the apparent lack of effort on McDonald’s part in christening its new line, some even pondered if the McPlant is going to entail similar takes on conventional McDonald’s menu items like the “Big McPlant.” 

Can I get the job of whoever came up with McPlant? I’m sure I can do better! #McDonalds#McPlant

McPlant is the laziest name someone could’ve came up with lmao

Really curious about the naming conventions for the McPlant mealsBig McPlantQuarter Pounder (featuring McPlant)McDoublePlant

Others quipped that it sounded like “a skateboard trick where you land on your face.”

“McPlant sounds like a spy Burger King would hire to infiltrate McDonalds’ secrets,”joked radio host Alex Kirry.

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