Lazarev yelled at an elderly poet of the song is not in Russian

the Singer Sergey Lazarev has made a scene on the musical TV show, emotionally responding to criticism of the young singer from the Russophile. Songwriter Simon Osiashvili has criticized a contestant for the selection of songs in English. Lazarev not tolerated, according to him, injustice and killed the critic.

“Cut a way cool artist, because you want Russian songs!” – troubled artist.

the 67-year-old Osiashvili tried to keep calm and, despite the cries Lazarev, continued thinking about the warmth of the Russian language and the lack thereof from foreign languages. The skills and talent of the performer is irrelevant, not appeased in turn Lazarev. He also expressed the opinion that mentally to sing in any language, feelings and emotions do not depend on it.

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Publish from Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey) 29 Feb 2020 2:04 PST

Later in the social network, the singer admitted that he had behaved too emotionally. He explained that it is always sensitive to injustice.

“myself so often in this life “judged” and “stuffed” because of the idiotic stereotypes, and not only in music… explained Lazarev. I’m against stereotypes, narrow blinders and prejudices, I am against bias and shortcuts.”