Laysan utiasheva

the 35-year-old Laysan utiasheva gave a Frank interview in the framework of the documentary “a Day with Laysan Utyasheva”, the premiere of which took place on the streaming service Premier. A 40-minute video titled gymnast told about his family life with 41-year-old showman Paul Will, revealed the secrets of raising children, spoke about his attitude to the haters and more.

Laysan utiasheva

Rosie has admitted that he and Paul try to share all responsibilities for the care of seven-year-old Robert and five-year-old Sophia equally dispelled the myth that her husband does not help her in the upbringing of children and taking care of the house and told me how much it has changed motherhood:

We sometimes work with Paul on a rotational basis. When the nurse rushes, the folder direct folder. The children came, you need a folder to remind you of the soda bottle, to eat some soup heated warm, not in the microwave, in a pot, the old fashioned way! And Pasha loves to do it all! Do not think that he is all in Golden gloves. He built the house himself with his father, he’s handy! br>
Now I am a mother of two children, and I think that’s to me, I became smoother, with no sharp angles, although, of course, switchblade.

Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva

utiasheva told about his attitude to the haters that don’t forget to leave sarcastic comments under each of her new posts in social networks. Rosie admitted that from his youth accustomed to criticism from detractors over the years have learned not to pay attention to it:

I Have these vests to Hato! I the first riser, which is generally the beginning to read about in YouTube. At the age of 13, under gymnastic performances, in different languages. Rivals wrote, which was a shame. Then I grooved. And now… he is Not bad, who wrote to me, we just were with him on the way.

the Athlete also told about his attitude to the big money. Rosie admitted that in the childhood repeatedly together with her mother experienced times of famine, when they had no money for anything, except buckwheat. Even now, when the income Utyasheva has increased many times, she always tries to spend money wisely.

what I make with 12 years, is a fact. Somewhere a little less-a little more. There were times rotten, heavy: we were buckwheat — and nothing and great. The most important thing is not to lose heart. I personally on restaurants does not go almost, purchased at the market is $ 10. Personally, I’m on 50 thousand quietly live. When there are sales and discounts, Yes. br>
I from the village Raevskaya. Of course, I know how much my old pension. Of course, I found it long time ago all provide. But it is always hard to spend on things

— admitted former gymnast.

utiasheva also spoke in detail about the care and opened a few beauty secrets. For example, the star shared a proven way to get rid of morning puffiness on the face.

It’s just something cold from the freezer. If not with a special roller, which reduces swelling, you need something simple in the freezer to shove an Apple, a spoon, and just then she could move to Wake myself up. Ice is my salvation always. And Pat, I beat myself

— said utiasheva about your favorite butake.