my husband and I are on the verge of divorce and do not live together. I recently tried to arrange for two children through the state Services portal a one-time payment – 10 thousand roubles each. But so far I failed to do this, we in the country all the time “hangs” the Internet. Question: if my husband already managed to hurry up the first and made the payment before me? Theoretically, I admit it.

Inga, the resurrection.

Responsible lawyer Elena Ponomareva:

“This payment is given to the child. So the person with the child resides, and he should get it. But since we have multi-million country, I suspect that abuse can be many. Fortunately, the Pension Fund had seen to that development. If you this has occurred and the allowance was issued by the parent who does not live with children, you can do the following: call the pension Fund at the hotline, write an appeal in the online reception of the pension Fund in your account or to obtain information and answer to your question in the group Pension Fund Vkontakte. You will be asked to renew the payment, and this will require additional proof of separate residence of parents. This can be a certificate of divorce, a suit for divorce or alimony with mail receipt.