Katya Grigorieva/angelina Vashchenko

SPLETNIK.RU already repeatedly told about the wives of famous Russian football players, including favorite female Igor Akinfeev, Yuri Zhirkov, Vasili Berezutsky and many other famous players. This time we decided to Supplement the list with new names and to tell not only about legal spouses Artem Dzuba, Pavel Mamayev, Roman Zobnina and others, but the faithful companions of other players who have not yet had the opportunity to exchange with their stellar choice of vows of love and fidelity.

Alan Mamayev, 32

Scandalously become famous midfielder of FC “Rostov” the former player of the national team of Russia, 31-year-old Pavel Mamaev and Alan got married in 2013. For Alana, this was the second marriage — she was previously married to Alexander Linden, a kickboxing world champion and founder of the anti-drug Alliance “Social mobility”, aiming at the rehabilitation of addicted children and adolescents. Married to a Phony Alana gave birth to a son, Alex.

Alan Mamaev

nationality Alan — Ossetian, but was born in Kaliningrad. The girl managed to try herself in modeling and has even achieved success, but after my first marriage and the birth of her son she had to leave career. For this reason Alan wasn’t too worried, because from a very young age the girl hated hard work. In recognition of a footballer’s wife, in childhood, she had one dream — to live beautifully and not to exert much effort. By the way, this goal Alan has really done over the years.

I love money and have always loved, since childhood. When my mom told me to clean my room, I said, “Mom, I’ll have servants that will go away.” And I fart on it. But I can easily part with money. I have confidence that all will be. It’s called Snezana. For the life of me on the wall, but I know that with the money I will always be. br>
I’ll never work. I’m confused. I will never be able to manage something. I’m lazy. I have no higher education and I’m proud of it. I can never ever hide. I could buy fifteen thousand times, as did almost all of my friends. Why the heck?..
— Frank told Alan in an interview on the YouTube channel “Tochki Nad I”.

a year after the wedding, with Pavel Mamaev they had a daughter Alice. Alans son from his first marriage, the footballer has a mother and even going to give him his name, however, this prevented the boy’s father. Alexei Lipov even declared his intention to sue due to the fact that he was forcibly deprived of parental rights. What the outcome of this conflict is unknown, but not so long ago Alan said he did not support any relations with her ex-husband.

Alan Mamayev with her husband Paul and children

From the beginning of the relationship of Alana and Paul resembled a veritable ocean of passions. In the fall of 2018, when Mamaev together with a colleague in the national team Alexander Kokorin was arrested for a fight in one of the capital’s restaurants, Alan said about her husband’s infidelity with a prostitute from Lithuania. According to Mamaev, the reason players eventually ended up in jail. In one interview Paul Alan admitted he had sincere feelings for this girl, but continues to love his wife.
she started these fights. Pasha called her in Moscow, she arrived as she usually does. Then in the morning got in the car to this driver, whom they beat. Got out of the car and said something to Pasha, prompting him drunk in a fight. It is clear that I love my husband, but I also can’t fight as the wall, to seek reconciliation told Alan in the program “Central television” on NTV.

it was Later revealed that this is not the first betrayal of Paul. At that, Alan left him in a difficult situation and tried to do everything possible to her husband as soon as possible released. Mamayev is not denying the guilt of Paul in the incident: the wife of a footballer, in contrast, believes that the time spent under arrest and in prison, went in his favor. According to Alana, her husband became very different look at their relationship and life in General.

Paul and Alan Mamayev

Before leaving her husband to freedom Alan even made a special list of cases that Paul need to do to make amends in front of her guilt. Among the 30 points was the requirement for a monthly pass the polygraph, you change your mobile phone number and agreeing to Alana contacts list. Mamaev also asked Paul every day to apologize to her and take her with me in all trips. br>Has a point: he will have to find all the whores, to come with me to see him, to spit in the face and say that they are Sluts and not worth my little finger, — Mamayev told about one of the items in the list in an interview on the YouTube channel “the Diary Hacha”.

In September 2019 and Pavel Mamaev, Aleksandr Kokorin left a penal colony located in the town of Alekseyevka in Belgorod region. The court granted their petition for conditional release and reduced the term of stay of the players in the colony, counted the time that athletes spent in jail.

Alan could not hide his joy from the exit of her husband to liberty and decided to start with him a new life. In a recent interview with the Rostov portal Donday Mamayev admitted that after prison her husband got on the path of correction. According to the wife of footballer Paul quietly listened to all her complaints to him and took note of it:Paul has changed for the better, it has benefited our family. My husband began to think about themselves, become more Mature. If it hadn’t happened, our marriage would fall apart. And now he even stopped swearing obscenities.

Alan is Itself little more than a year ago, I became a blogger. Mamayev started his YouTube channel called “Plastic”, which talks about all the pitfalls of aesthetic medicine. This theme is familiar to Mamayeva, because in interviews she has repeatedly admitted that they went under the surgeon’s knife, and ironically compared themselves with Frankenstein. On the same channel have a first interview with Pavel Mamaev after the release of the issues in this player sets itself Alan.

Kate Grigorieva, 31

a few days ago Kate Grigorieva and 33-year-old Anton Shunin, the goalkeeper and captain of the Moscow “Dynamo” and Russian national team player, said two years from the date of their wedding. Offer a sweetheart the player did two years after the beginning of their romance and wedding, they played in Moscow.

as for Katie, and for Anton this was the second marriage. Shunin was previously married to a girl named Victoria in 2012 was born their son Artemy. Grigorieva was married to the military, but their marriage lasted only a few months.

Katya Grigorieva
the Football team of Russia and the former Victoria’s Secret angel met through the Internet. Once Anton was waiting in the departure lounge at the airport and decided for fun to see geotagging in instagram, who is now also waiting for your flight — so win win and stumbled upon the page of Katie in social networks and decided to act.
Never would have thought that thanks Instagram meeting their fate. It happened when I together with the team flew from Sheremetyevo to one of the games. To pass the time, I viewed the photos in the microblog. And decided for fun to check geotagging who are still languishing here, waiting, suddenly came upon the page Katie. I wrote to her… turns out this time Kate got on the plane to new York, which was flying on the show Victoria’s Secret. She answered me already from America, — recalled Anton in conversation with HELLO!.

Katya Grigorieva and Anton Shunin

At the time of the meeting with the player Katya was already world famous top model. Grigorieva was born in the city of Olenegorsk in a military family and since the childhood was engaged in dances. After high school she received education at Murmansk state technical University, specialty “marketing”.

in the years of study at the University Grigorieva started to attend model castings — they are tall and slender blonde just could not go unnoticed. Katya several times participated in beauty contests, but all the time remained on the sidelines. In 2012, the girl along with her sister Valentina Grigoryeva became a member of the show “Top model in Russian”. Kate received the title of Vice-miss of the contest, after which she became interested in the West.

two years after that Katya debuted at fashion Week in new York, after which he was invited to Paris and Milan, where he participated in the shows of Elie Saab, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta and other luxury brands. The website Grigoriev was named one of the best models of the season. In 2015 and 2016 Kate was an “angel” Victoria’s Secret (just down the road at one of the shows of the brand she met Anton). At the time, Grigorieva graced the cover of Vogue, and Allure Numеro.

In an interview with HELLO! Kate admitted that Anton immediately after travelers started very nicely to take care of it and always did nice surprises. Shunin was trying to surprise your beloved, even when he was at the training camp in another country.
Remember, we just started Dating, I was in new York for work. He found out my sister has the exact address and sent flowers that is not easy to do, being on different continents. I brought a huge bouquet of red roses. 101 rose hard… beyond words! In this postcard From Spain with love… A (“From Spain with love… And”). I still have it, as all of the cards, which are sent by Anton, ,— remembers Katya.

Anton and Katya are trying to carry out with each other all the free time and all over each other to support. The player notes that love is very similar to his mother: it is also an excellent cook and loves cleanliness and order. Anton says that he always dreamed of such family, where his house waited for the woman, who also happens to have been more to it, and best friend.

2020 for the couple special. In late may the couple have a daughter, whose name they do not disclose. About this happy event Anton and Kate said on instagram. Grigorieva admitted that she feels a whole range of previously unfamiliar to her emotions and thanked her husband for what he was there for her throughout the pregnancy.

While Kate head immersed in motherhood and is not thinking about returning to the profession. In his instagram the girl confessed that slowly flows into a new way of life and meets a new mother, and jokingly called your motherhood to “slavery”.

Christine Dziuba

Beloved striker St. Petersburg “Zenit” and team Russia captain Artem Dzyuba, Christina, the press called one of the most enigmatic footballers ‘ wives. The girl is social, rarely talks to reporters and almost never published. Even the age of Kristina still remains for the media is a mystery.

Christine Dziuba
we only Know that the beloved football player originally from Nizhny Novgorod. Kristina and Tom met at the holiday party on the occasion of the new year, 2012, which was held in one of the suburban houses. Then the girl met another young man, but the film has set a goal to beat Christine at the opponent and successfully achieved it. While Artyom had a long time to break down stereotypes in the head lady about what athletes can boast intelligence and wit.

Artem and Kristina Dzyuba
Soon the couple moved to Moscow and planned to go to the registry office, but did not manage to get married due to the birth in 2013 of the first-born Nikita. Lovers have decided that you will play beautiful wedding in all traditions, when the son is a little older, but if they managed in the end to legitimize the relationship, remain unknown.

In 2015, in a relationship with Artem and Kristina had a serious crisis. Then the player turned loud in the middle of a sex scandal: journalists caught him with passionate kisses in the car with presenter Maria Orzol, which at that time was also married. After learning about the affair, the husband Orzel immediately filed for divorce, but Christina decided to give her husband another chance. Himself Dzyuba has said that it regrets the incident, and admitted that he learned from this situation, important life lessons.

Artem and Kristina Dzyuba sonIt was a big lesson for me. Probably a good thing that it happened. Otherwise have a look at all. Values revised. Realized that I could lose that you shouldn’t even be considering this. I was very ashamed before his wife. And all the rest care, — shared football player in interview to the edition “CHempionata”.

Christine, as usual, any comment to the press refrained, but in the same year, holding the husband in one of the matches of what fans have concluded that the pair were still able to establish a relationship.

Artem and Kristina Dzyuba with children

After this incident the theme of personal life has become for the couple even more forbidden than before. Only once one of the wives of the players told, as is their family life. In an interview with the publication Teleprogramma girl, who wished to remain anonymous, said that Christina is very hard working life and without help raising two sons (the younger son Maxim was born the couple in 2016):
Kristina is engaged exclusively in the house. She prepares, without the help of the chef, as is often customary in the homes of the wealthy. She keeps house, she brings up her sons. In her family no nurses, assistants, butlers. And it’s not annoying. The eldest son goes to kindergarten, youngest is only section of the visits, so schedule in children are different and she tries and manages to control herself. The family has a house in the suburbs, but in recent years they live in an apartment in St. Petersburg, as the head of the family plays for Zenit.

the Insider claims that Christina still has no desire to communicate with journalists and somehow to glow in the press. A family friend said that Christina is very carefully follow the fashion trends, often going to expensive boutiques and independently is a stylish bows for rare appearances and everyday life. Friends of the pair also said that the choice of the player, always very modestly and behave politely with the staff of shops, restaurants and beauty salons, and noted that Christina walked the illness star.

Christine Dziuba and Daria Valitova

the couple often like to spend time alone. During these visits, they usually go not into the bar or restaurant and theatre.
My rear. The man I’m nowhere and never show. This man knows me and understands. And I really appreciate. And she knows that I really appreciate everything that’s going on between us, — the warmest praise, the film about his wife in one of the TV interview.

Artem and Kristina Dzyuba with children

Alina Makarenko, 25 years

Officially, the extreme defender club CSK and former player of Russian national team, 33-year-old Kirill Nababkin, is the status of bachelor. While the most devoted admirers of the player know that his heart for many years occupied by the Olympic champion on rhythmic gymnastics Alina Makarenko.

Alina Makarenko
Lovers do not advertise their relationship and almost never publish the pictures in social networks. For a long time, Cyril and Alina all have been profitable to introduce yourself to the journalists friends to just not to attract too much attention.

Alina Makarenko
Only relatively recently the pair began to talk openly about their relationship. So, in last year’s interview to the newspaper “Live Sport” Makarenko told why they Kiril prefer to hide any details of his personal life from the media:
no One is hiding, but we decided to expose anything to the Internet will not. Why? Buzova with Tarasov… We’ve been Dating for five years. I always go to football, know it all who need.

Kirill Nababkin and Alina Makarenko

Alina Makarenko boasts not m��nishimi success in the sport than her lover. She was born in the city of Elista and went to gymnastics just 4 years — so the parents wanted to pull the poor health of the baby. The desire to give the girl to the gym it was my mother — all her life she was attracted to this sport and saw my daughter in it.

At age 11 Alina in one of the tournaments said the chief coach of Russia on rhythmic gymnastics Irina Wiener. At the same time in your team Wiener girl is not taken, and instead sent her to a boarding school near Moscow “Dynamo-Dmitrov” to coach Anna Shumilova.

According to Alina, it Shumilova made her a gymnast. Under her leadership, Makarenko began to win their first national and international competitions, but also became number one in the youth team of Russia. In 2010, Alina became the winner of the summer Youth games in Singapore next year, was named world champion and 2012 European champion.

the Main achievement in the career of gymnasts was the gold medal at the summer Olympic games in London in 2012. After this major victory Makarenko left a little longer in the profession, but soon her one after another fell the injury, the age of 18 Makarenko decided to withdraw from the sport.

Alina Makarenko and Irina Viner

After a career of Alina left to sit idle. She has created a charitable Foundation for the development of sport in Kalmykia, started to help people with serious diseases, and also became the Ambassador of the project “Fitness Lady”, in which help girls get in shape.

In my free time Makarenko attends football games in the stands rooting for his beloved. According to Alina, this game she became involved immediately after the beginning of the novel with Nababkin. On a question of journalists, when’s the wedding, Makarenko sheepishly and with a smile on his face answers: “I don’t know, probably soon.”

Kristina Kobe, 26 years old

To the delight of numerous fans and Olga Buzova, which at one time did not hide his sympathy for 29-year-old player of the Spanish club, “Valencia” and the national team of Russia Denis Cheryshev, it still retains status as one of the most eligible bachelors of the country. However, the player admits that for many years and truly loves love. One player is the Spaniard Cristina Kobe, a novel which began under very unexpected circumstances.

Christina Kobe

In 2015 Cheryshev went to the law firm in Madrid, which was Christina. Denis was forced to seek protection after entered the field in the “real” (at the time the athlete gamesal for this team), not after serving a suspension, which he received in playing for another club. Lawyers club considered it a serious violation and threatened Cheryshev with a fine in the amount of 25 million euros. br>
At that moment the friends of the player advised him to contact the law firm of Christine. Case Cheryshev refused to take eminent lawyers, because I just didn’t want to deal with “real” and spoil your reputation. Kobe at that time relatively recently worked in the office, so it Cheryshev got in her hands.

Christina Kobe and Denis Cheryshev

Understanding the circumstances of the case, Denis and Christina spent a lot of time together. In the end, the girl still managed to win, despite the pessimistic predictions of many: “real” is not only removed from player all charges, but conceded the request of the player to sell it to the club “Villarreal”. br>
Immediately after the completion of the trials in the Spanish press there were pictures with romantic dates Cheryshev and Kobe. Many fans refused to believe that Dennis chose not media girl, and gave this novel the most a few months.

However, the relationship of lovers was much more serious — the couple has been together for about five years, travels a lot (she repeatedly visited and beloved in Russia) and all support each other. Kristina tries to visit all the important games of Dennis, and he, in turn, publicly thanked for their goals her God and parents.

by the Way, Christina’s professional future was predetermined from a young age. While still a teenager, the girl fought for justice in various areas of teenage life, and for this reason decided to go to law school. Having graduated in his native Valencia, Kobe went for training in Scotland.

After returning to Spain Cristina settled in the town of Burriana and for some time helped to solve legal issues of the organizers of the music festival Arenal Sound. Then she decided to move to Madrid, where he worked in the same law firm, which later brought them to Dennis.

by the Way, problems in communication, the couple will not occur: Cheryshev spent many years in Spain, has citizenship there and is fluent in the native language of this country, and sometimes, by his own admission, even thinking it in Spanish. All the free time lovers prefer to spend together, and often choose to do this, unfrequented places. Denis and Christine love to visit museums, exhibitions or excursions to the ancient fortress. Often it is the brother of Dennis, Daniel, and twin sister Christina, whose name is Maria.

wedding lovers yet do not say, but do not hide that they are extremely happy together. It is unknown exactly where Dennis and Christine see their future together — in Spain, Russia or even in life in two countries. However, the next two years, Cheryshev just spend with his beloved — so much to act his contract with the Spanish club Valencia.

angelina Vashchenko, 25 years

About privacy midfielder of the French club “Monaco” and the national team of Russia Alexander Golovin is known not so much. The most expensive player “Monaco” according to Transfermarkt he never spoke on this theme with journalists, but, according to rumors, he has several years Dating a model from Novosibirsk angelina Vashchenko.

angelina Vashchenko
it is Unknown under what circumstances he met a couple, but angelina is so much in love with the athlete, and soon moved in with him in Moscow. In his hometown Vashchenko first studied dance, and then threw a passion for studying at the Siberian transport University, the faculty of personnel management. Classmate angelina admitted that she had all straight a’s and go to clubs.

Gel we had not only the mayor, but also the most beautiful girl in the whole thread. Of course, the guys around her wound… But intermittent relationship is not about Vashchenko. And when she and Golovin met was dumped indiscriminately, told classmates Vashchenko in interview with “Express newspaper”.

Alexander Golovin and angelina Vashchenko

After moving to Moscow, to the beloved angelina transferred to one of the capital’s universities. In parallel with his studies he managed to try himself in the modeling business and even posed for a gloss. In hometown girl at the time actually predicted a successful career fashion models, but to achieve recognition on the podium Vashchenko prevented a small increase.

In 2018: Alexander Golovin has offered to sign a lucrative contract with the club, “Monaco”, designed for 5 years. Just at that moment, the girl was studying in University, so she and her lover went to live on the Mediterranean coast.

In the same year appeared in the press reports that angelina and Alexander broke up. These findings journalists and fans made of the fact that the athlete has updated their status in social networks to “actively searching”. By the way, no confirmation of this has not appeared. In other sources, by contrast, argues that the Vashchenko and Golovin are still together. Rumor has it that the football is in full busy in training his beloved with pleasure settles allocated to them by club apartment in Monaco.

Many friends that are girls say that she’s a changed woman after moving to Moscow. The girl left inSEH social networks and reduced communication not only with friends but also with their parents. In addition, angelina supposedly hates it when someone remembers that she is originally from Novosibirsk. While familiar Vashchenko do not exclude that in the near future she will marry a famous footballer, because they have learned to always achieve your goals. However, many are convinced that angelina, along with Alexander not because of his high status and money, and because it’s real and loves him very much.

Valery Fedotov

22-year-old forward of CSKA Moscow and national team of Russia Fedor Chalov not telling the media about his personal life, but fans a few years ago managed to figure out with whom is found the player. Beloved athlete’s name is Valery Fedotov, but it can be hard to find any information online.

Valery Fedotov

About the exact age (Fedotov, most likely, is the same age as their star boyfriend) and the circumstances of meeting with the player can only guess. It is only known that Valery enjoys art, studying at the Moscow art-industrial Institute, is a graphic designer and paints portraits.

Beloved Chalova also tries to support him from the stands at the matches, she enjoys sports, fitness and loves to travel the world.

Valery Fedotov and Fedor Chalov

Valeria has restricted the access to unknown users on my instagram, but sometimes the lovers are rewritten in a social network question-and-answer ASKfm. There they are teasing each other and recognized each other in love. Chalov not hide the fact that really misses her and is jealous of her, while at the camp. There’s also Fedor said about our favorite affectionate nickname for a beloved player calls his chosen solely Lera, Lera, Princess or sweetheart.

Ramin Zobnina, 25 years

With his wife Ramini 26-year-old midfielder Moscow “Spartak” and Russian national team player Roman Zobnin met at the very beginning of his career. It happened in the hometown girls Togliatti, where the novel moved from Irkutsk in the age of 10 to train at a local football Academy.

Girl Zobnin noticed during one of the football matches, where Ramin came together with friends (apparently, Roman found time to look away from the ball during a break). The player decided not to waste time in vain, found through a friend the page girl in social networks and immediately wrote to her. After the first reports Ramin didn’t take their communication seriously, ��however, the guy immediately tuned to win her heart.

Ramin ZobninaIn the day when I struck up a chat, he asked me: “are You at home today?”. Of course, I did not realize that the Roma were up to. And that evening I delivered a huge basket of flowers. And inside I found a note: “the Most beautiful. From The R. Z.”. Still have it. We have many pleasant memories, we spent quite some time together, but from that moment it all started, — said the footballer’s wife in a conversation with

Ramin and novel Zobnina

Shortly thereafter, the Roman Zobnin has signed a contract with the Moscow “Dynamo” and invited beloved to move to the capital with him — the girl without hesitation agreed. The lovers settled in Khimki near Moscow: most of the time the novel was missing games and training, and Ramin at this time settled life in their new home and studied at the Moscow University of management.

Later, in one of his posts in instagram Ramin admitted that the first years in Moscow it was very difficult. Because of the abrupt change of climate the girl was often ill and was in hospital. This period Zobnina still remembers with a shudder:

I often think of myself as I was when we first arrived in Moscow. Easy, naive, funny, How I lived? Just. Just didn’t think about anything. Lived in a high, happy a simple walk on the street. Looking back, I understand that a situation happen to me, helped me grow, helped to become more serious, helped… Just stupid helped, this is the most important word. If you think that the situation horror and no worse just, you know, it is not just given to you. It means a lot more than you think. br>
Arriving in Moscow, I fell in the hospital, first one, then the second, then the third. With me in the wards were women, and I remember all of them. I remember our conversations, and they met on my way. It is a fact. Their words and thoughts sometimes sneak into my head. br>
In recent hospital with me grandma, and she said, “maybe next time you’ll be in the hospital only when you have a baby.” No sooner said than done. I drove it in the head. I was mad at myself at that moment. Because hands down, and about children I forgot. Yes, it was long ago, but it’s part of my life, and this is sometimes the part I want to tell someone. The main thing — to live and be a good person with a soul.

Over time, the life of a couple in Moscow was adjusted, and Ramine managed to restore the health. In 2016, the couple officially became husband and wife, and just a few months after this came to light their first — born- son, Robert. In an interview with reporters, the wife of the athlete priznalas�� that after the birth of the child in their life with a Novel has changed dramatically: she now began to revolve not only around football but also around the soon As our dad comes with training, Robert begins to twist from it cords. Roma tired, but of the last forces game, he never fails. That’s why I love rum — he’s a wonderful husband and father, told Ramin in trouble with

Ramin and novel Zobnina with children

footballer’s Wife notes that Robert is growing the same sports as his father, and does not exclude that in the future he will follow in his footsteps.

Once more the life of the couple has changed the birth of daughter Regina — baby was born last fall. Now all the time Ramini takes care and concern about the baby, this helping her son Robert and, of course, beloved husband. All the friendly company they had the self-isolation in their suburban house, where he published a touching family pictures.

the Wife of the football player still remains in the shadow of her husband and rarely visits the secular parties, however, recently made an account on TikTok where just trying to publish their first dance video, members praised Ramin and say that she has a great potential.

In one interview with journalists Zobnina revealed the secret of their marital happiness. As it turned out, the girl just had to understand and accept that football for my husband will always come first.

the First time jealous of the game. I saw that all the time he thought about football, but I also wanted attention. On this basis, and had quarrelled. Now I realized how sick he was football. In a good way. If a person loves their job and give 100%, you will succeed. And next should be the family is the backbone and support in difficult moments. To me, this realization did not come immediately, so sorry. But that’s life and we all learn something. I’m glad that through all the difficulties we’ve been through together, — shared Ramin formula for an ideal relationship with her husband-football player.

In 2019 24-year-old midfielder Moscow “Locomotive” and national team of Russia Anton Miranchuk presented to the public his new girlfriend. Chosen football player turned model Daria Melnikova. Her Anton met on holiday, and their friendship was pretty fun.

Daria Melnikova
Miranchuk noticed that the girl’s reading a book from the “Chicken soup for the soul” and decided the original way to make love to her. He ordered in a restaurant nourishing chicken sup she unexpectedly gave the waiter. The girl was surprised by the unusual “compliment” and at first refused the portions — just at this moment to her table approached Anton with a smile and explained the situation. That was what started the novel player and model.

Daria Melnikova and Anton Miranchuk
About the turbulent past Daria, the exact age which you cannot find on the Internet, in the press composed the whole legend. It is known that she was born in Belarus in an ordinary family and moved to Moscow with the filing of a modeling agent. It was rumored that soon Melnikov met with a wealthy patron and immediately moved in with him, but that relationship lasted very long. Later Daria allegedly met repeatedly with different wealthy men.

also In the press there were rumors that 2016 and 2017 Daria worked as a model in Dubai: the girl went to thank the representatives of the escort services, but the evidence for it is not. One thing is certain: in that period Melnikova do often published in his instagram photo with the white sandy beaches of the UAE.

at One time there were rumors that Anton and Dasha broke up due to the fact that the player learned these facts from the biography of the beloved, however, it is unlikely that they have something in common with the truth. Proof of this are the joint photo of the player with choice and public declarations of love on social media. Miranchuk have even managed to introduce Dasha with her mother, together they have repeatedly supported Anton and his twin brother Alexei during important matches.

Sonya Alender, 23

If the twin 24-year-old midfielder Moscow “Locomotive” and Russian national team Aleksey Miranchuk prefers blondes, then he himself prefer brunettes. For several years the footballer is Dating a girl named Sonia Alender. Met the young people through the social networks — Sam Alex once said in an interview that he prefers to search for the girls in the network, because in real life he is quite humble and shy.

Sonia Alender
the girl, little is known to the network, rumor has it that before meeting the Beginning she was an Opera singer. While Sonia runs a large number is not the most flattering rumors. For example, the haters claim that Lender repeatedly dumped their Boyfriends because they could not provide her a beautiful life. Detractors also argue that in 2015, Sonya was married, but was unfaithful in this marriage and soon separated from her husband. According to rumors, the girl carefully hides his past from Alexey, and is constantly jealous of him to the fans and monitors its social network.

whatever it was, themselves lovers about their relationship in the press�� do not apply, and social networks demonstrate the absolute idyll: publicly recognized each other’s feelings and say that you miss him a lot in separation. Judging by the photos on instagram Sony; she often attends football games, which hurts the pride for a loved one, and close friends with the wives and girlfriends of other players. During a break in the games steam is trying to go away together to a resort somewhere to the sea, where publishes romantic frames.

the 30-year-old midfielder Petersburg “Zenith” and Russian national team Alexander Erokhin met his future wife Veronica, still in their Teens — when they were both 16 years old. They met at a party in Barnaul — the hometown girl, where Sasha came to visit from Moscow, where at that time studied.
it So happened that we had mutual friends and acquaintances, and we met at the birthday party of one of them. No love at first sight was not Sasha but I apparently liked it because he then found out my phone number. So we began a friendly correspondence that lasted two years. In 18 years we started Dating, — Veronica recalled in an interview with “Fontanka”.

Veronica Erokhina
the Young people for a long time not in a hurry to move in together, because everyone had their own lives: Sasha played in the youth team of the Moscow “Locomotive”, and Veronica is professionally engaged in ballroom dancing and even received the title of candidate master of sport in this region. In parallel, she also studied at one of the universities of Barnaul, specialty “Manager-marketing”.

Veronica and Alexander Erohin

However, it is a long-distance relationship was for Alexander and Veronica a good test: they realized that want to be together for the rest of my life. In 2011, right after Veronica graduated, the lovers married and went to live in the South of Russia — at that time Alexander signed a contract with the club “Krasnodar”. Offer hands and hearts the player has made all the laws of romantic melodramas — the Eiffel tower in Paris.

From this moment Veronica was deeply immersed in family life. While her husband was gone training, she was drawn to the coziness in their house and always met with a loved one with a delicious dinner. The wife of the most sexy player of the Russian national team under the version of Natalia Oreiro (as actress and singer named Yerokhin in one of his interviews) continued to dream about self-realization, but understand that until you can afford it. The fact that at that moment football career was active in the mount, and the pair constantly had to move from town to town.Sasha ROS as a player, and still had time to move, to get somewhere for a permanent job, I could not, although I wanted. At some point it even began to creep up on me. Then I has something changed in my head, I realized that Sasha is now a very important stage in his career. Decided to self-realization more the device home. Thus went for courses in accounting, told Veronica in conversation with the “Fontanka”.

Veronika Yerokhina son
this lasted for many years, and in 2017, the couple had a son Fyodor, and then worries Veronica has only increased. While Erokhin claims that he had to strive at home and take care of the baby without any assistance.

in a few years when the baby is a little older, Veronica was finally able to focus on your career and start to realize their plans and dreams — her husband actively supported favorite in all endeavors. Erokhina beginning with the opening of a beauty salon “Siberian birds” in native Barnaul, the idea of opening which came to her during pregnancy.

To the surprise of most entrepreneurs, the project, despite the intense competition in the market, was very successful. After such a successful start Veronica wondered about opening a beauty Studio in Saint-Petersburg and is now engaged in the implementation of this idea. Thus the wife of the football player has already opened two restaurants in the Northern capital and is clearly not going to stop.Attachments we have. There is an investment. In General, we try not to waste Sasha’s salary, and that already comes to us from the top of the previously invested money. The rest we again invest something in real estate, in securities, something in business, something just pushes. A business strategy told Veronica about the distribution of Finance in the Alexander family.

Despite active business, Veronica is trying to allocate your time so that it remained enough for her beloved husband and son. Footballer’s wife she tries not to miss his game and actively rooting for him in the stands. br>
After the 2018 world Cup, which was held in Russia, the girl has been noticed by many Western tabloids. British newspaper the Daily Mail even included her in your top 10 most beautiful girls of football players who are suffering at the stadium for their loved ones — in the list Erokhina was together with sweetheart Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, and a girl of Icelandic midfielder, national team Hilfe of Sigurdsson, “Miss Iceland 2008” Alexandra Ivarsdottir.

Diana schennikova, 28 years

the novel, 29-year-old defender of Moscow CSKA and Russian national team George schennikova and his future wife Diana started back at school. The pair met in total company and after a while started Dating. Football before that Diana was not interested, but all their friends were rooting for CSKA and tried not to miss the matches of your favorite team, because of what the girl eventually got involved in the game.

Diana schennikova
Despite the fact that to meet George and Diana started at quite a young age, to walk down the aisle they were in no hurry. George reached new heights in football, and Diana at this time studied at the economic faculty of Moscow state University and professionally engaged in tennis, but decided not to link their lives with this sport. Subsequently, the girl really fascinated design. She practiced on them by George the apartment, renovated in which made it almost to herself.

to Tie the knot, the footballer and his girlfriend decided only in 2013, after Schennikov won the championship of Russia CSKA. Offer Diana’s boyfriend did is very romantic — it happened in Dubai directly during helicopter tours. The lush wedding party walked all colleagues George’s club, who made the newlyweds the surprise — removed video greeting card with Alan Dzagoev, Berezutskiy brothers and Sergei Ignashevich in the lead roles.

George and Diane Sennikova

a year after the wedding, George and Diana’s first child was born — son Daniel. The boy from childhood interest in sports, but while he is more attracted not by the football, and hockey. And while George is busy with his career, Diana develops the talent of the son, and leads him to the sports section and on other activities. br>
In 2019, the couple had a daughter Juliana, and worries Diana became even more. The time schennikova fully devoted to the family and ignores the social events and hangouts. The only exception she makes to her husband, who often takes his son with him. In the stands Diana is sick along with the other footballers ‘ wives: a particularly warm relationship Diana had with Olga Berezutsky, Ignashevich Natalia and Eugenia Vasin.

Interview schennikova practically does not give, limited to only a few comments to journalists during the games. But Diana leads instagram, which shares photos from the family archive and recognized her husband and children in love.

George and Diane Sannikova with daughter