The lawyer of the actor Mikhail Yefremov Elman Pashayev called the daughter of the artist Anna Maria not to go in case of an accident. So the lawyer responded to charges of incompetence in his address, according to the Telegram-channel “Rise”.

The victims in the case of Ephraim called the amount of compensation

Pashayev says that she works for the audience and trying to make myself look good.

“She who in a criminal case? (…) I recommend it to engaged in the business”, — said the lawyer.

He also commented on the demands of the injured party to compensate them the moral damage, noting that there is a struggle “dogs, cats, neighbors” for the opportunity to get money from the artist.

“the Whole village want to be recognized as victims, used the money to knock out with Ephraim. If this is a normal family, between them agreed to, one person would recognize victims and how many got divided between them. And they are beating everyone with his lawyer, that he recognized the injured”, — said Pashayev.

Earlier, on 11 July it became known that the victims in the case of actor Michael Efremov staged a fatal accident in the centre of Moscow, demanded to compensate the moral damage in the amount over 40 million rubles.