Jörg Pilawa and his wife Irina have separated after 16 years of marriage. This was confirmed by the TV presenter’s lawyer to “Bild”. Accordingly, the couple had been separated for a few months.

After more than 20 years of relationship and 16 years of marriage, the relationship between Jörg Pilawa and his wife Irina has ended. This is reported by “Bild” and refers to the moderator’s lawyer.

“Yes it’s right. Jörg and Irina Pilawa have been separated by mutual consent for several months,” she confirmed on Tuesday on request. However, there should be no further information on this.

“Since my clients want to protect their privacy, also with regard to the well-being of their children, they will not comment further on the subject and ask that they refrain from further inquiries,” said the lawyer.

Since 1999, the presenter and the teacher have been a couple. Together they have three children, daughter Emmy (20), son Juri (19) and daughter Nova (10). Two marriages followed in 2006. First, the couple was married by a tribal chief in the Congo according to an African rite. A little later, a second marriage followed in Mallorca.

Above all, Nova’s rheumatic disease brought the family together. “At some point I made it clear to myself that you just have to love and enjoy the time when the boost isn’t there,” said Pilawa.

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