Unfortunately, passierts: A truck driver noticed a traffic jam-the end late and thunders almost unabated in the standing column. After the dead and seriously injured in squashed cars, the question to the Public is: Would that have prevented? “Yes!” Daniel Junker, Manager of vehicle experts from the Baloise insurance says. Alone in the last five years, had come, according to Astra, in Switzerland, 147 people in truck accidents. “Many of them could have been prevented through the use of modern emergency braking systems,” says Junker.

reckless drivers

The laws for commercial vehicles-assistant are defined in Europe is clear: In the case of new heavy trucks emergency braking assistant. In practice, this means that the truck reduces speed prior to a collision by at least 20 km/h. The Crux of the matter: The driver can switch off the systems and not rarely happens because of reckless car drivers. A Chauffeur: “The worst is when a PW just before the motorway exit to overtake, to turn. The System then brakes abruptly, because it assumes a risk. For the vehicles behind me, it can be tricky!”

technology is more than laws

He appeals to more consideration. Because the wizard is enabled, you save lives. The Baloise with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Routiers Suisse, and Astag in the Dynamic Test Center in Vauffelin BE: During the crash test using emergency brake in front of a standing column, the speed is 20 km/h reduces the impact energy is practically halved. What the technology would be capable of, it would require the legislature, shows a Demo ride with a new Mercedes Truck. The Active Brake Assistant passes at 80 km/h the emergency braking, the truck comes in front of the obstacle to a standstill.

laws in Europe, exacerbate

“technology has overtaken the legislation for quite some time. In principle, could be prevented with emergency brake assistance systems, the latest Generation of the majority of rear-end collisions by vehicles in front of the obstacle”, says Jürg Lüthi, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Switzerland. Junker adds: “It is to be hoped that the law will be further exacerbated the situation as quickly as possible at the European level and the vehicle manufacturer with the technology to upgrade. This dramatic accident could be reduced to a Minimum.”