the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) approved from 1 August 2020, the wholesale price of gas intended for sale to the public. This is stated in the order Department.

As previously wrote “the Russian newspaper”, the indexation of 3 per cent was supposed to happen on 1 July. But due to the current economic situation related to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it was moved.

the Wholesale price is the price of gas on the gas station of a certain region in the place where the gas from the main gas pipeline gets into the distribution network. Wholesale prices depend on the location of the region – than it is farther from the gas, the higher the price.

So the price of gas just below the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 2 687 rubles per thousand cubic meters. In second place – Tyumen 3 432 rubles. And in third place from three regions – Komi, Astrakhan and Orenburg region – 3 597 rubles each. To compare: in the Altai, the Belgorod, Bryansk, Volgograd and Voronezh regions – 3 921 rubles per thousand cubic meters.

From August 3 to anonymously fill in cash e-wallets will be banned. This is stated in the Federal law of August 2, 2019 N 264-FZ. This measure should help to more effectively fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering “dirty” money.

“the Essence of innovation is as follows: if the individuals were not conducted identification, Deposit money into the electronic wallet will be able only through a Bank account, – explained the “RG” Pavel Utkin, a leading lawyer of the United law center “Parthenon”. – That is to anonymously Fund your wallet with cash, for example, through the payment terminal will not work. It should be noted that this also includes non-personalized travel cards for public transport “three”, “Arrow” and so forth.”

the Expert also said that in June the Association of banks “Russia” made a proposal to amend and withdraw from-under actions of the law of the transport card. “In order not to create problems to passengers of public transport – buses, electric buses, trolley buses, metro, – continued Pavel Utkin. – The idea was supported by the Central Bank and Rosfinmonitoring. But there’s still no official add-ons no. If, before August 3 will not change, the law will come into force in its current form. The Council, in this case only one – to fill up transport cards in advance and with a margin to avoid a situation that on account suddenly out of money”.

For legal entities and individual entrepreneurs according to the expert, critical changes will not happen in any case. For the most part all of their payments personifitsirovano.

help “RG”

Identification (115-FZ) individuals recalled Pavel Utkin, the establishment of full name, nationality, date of birth, requisites of the document, Udostoverenie�� identity data of the migration card or the document confirming the right of foreign citizen to stay in Russia, the address of the place of registration and residence INN.

for legal entities – name, legal form, INN or code of foreign organization, registration and the address registration.

Since August 4, enters into force the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 23.07.2020 № 1098 “On approval of Rules of granting the believers the right to receive deferment for military service”.

it Concerns our fellow-believers who had moved from abroad to a permanent place of residence in Russia.

For deferment must be fulfilled three conditions. First: move to the far Eastern Federal district. Second: you need to be a member of the state Program on assisting the voluntary resettlement in the Russian Federation. Third: to work in the peasant (farmer) economy, and to be his head.

a month before the regular call lists of believers in accordance with the procedure specified in the regulation, should be sent to the Ministry of defence. The delay is provided to 2020-2025 years.

In August, earned another promotion that is associated with the Far East. From 1 August to obtain free land under the program “far Eastern hectare” in Buryatia and Transbaikalia, can any citizen of Russia or compatriot living abroad.

applications for the land information system commenced on 1 August at 00:00 hours local time. And in Moscow – Buryatia from 17:00 on 31 July, in the TRANS – 18:00 also on July 31.

up To this far Eastern hectare in these two regions has been available since August 1, 2019 only to the locals. February 1, 2020 were joined by all the far East. Now the turn came to others. All of this is stated in the Federal law from may 1, 2016 N119-FZ.

the Program “far Eastern hectare” valid until January 1, 2035.

on August 13, workers who are dismissed in connection with liquidation of the organization, will be more likely to put them under the law payment.

This will be possible thanks to the Federal law from 13.07.2020 No. 203-FZ “On amendments to article 21 of the Federal law “On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs”.

laid-off workers may even benefit. Such a chance gives them the Federal law from 13.07.2020 № 210-FZ “On amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation in terms of provision of guarantees to the worker dismissed in connection with liquidation of the organization.”

At the request of “RG” the documents said Mikhail Dorofeev, Chairman of the Board of the CCP “Update”

– effective August 13 laws will increase protection for dismissed workers. Adopted pthe mandrel will eliminate the situation when the company liquidated, and dismissed employees may not receive their entitlements because their employer (legal entity) ceased operations. Now, the owner shall confirm that all payments made to laid-off workers. And only then a legal entity may be liquidated.

at the same time employers were given the right to choose how to repay the money, fired. Now they list a former employee, first, severance pay in case of dismissal. Second, pay average earnings for the second and third months of “downtime” (if in fortnight term after dismissal the worker will turn to the employment service and will not be employed).

on August 13, the employer will be able to pay out severance compensation in the amount of twice the average wage. And all this – on the day of dismissal. By the way, for the workers of the far North is the same principle, only instead of three “wages” in the calculation of six in both cases.

the Maximum possible payout will remain the same. What is the benefit to both parties?

the company’s new order – is an opportunity to reduce paperwork and expedite the process of liquidation. A laid off employee will not have to wait for payments for a few months and register to receive them in the service of employment.

moreover, if an employer chose (that’s right – for him!) the lump sum option and severance compensation of two months salary, then the dismissed employee may even win.

After all, with the option of monthly payments, the third “salary” dismissed may not receive if you find work and will be formalized in a new place. In this case the employment service will have no grounds for deciding that the former employer is obliged to pay the third “paycheck.”

the Law N 210-FZ has made changes in rules for the treatment of workers to the employer for payments for the period of employment. If not promptly provided all the due payments, a former employee may apply to the court for compensation for moral damage. You can also send a written application to the labor Inspectorate and the Prosecutor’s office. The employer may incur administrative and criminal liability.

Not later than August 20 will be published the income Declaration of officials.

August 1 was the deadline for providing information about income, expenses, about property and obligations of property character for the period 1 January to 31 December 2019. This is stated in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from 17.04.2020 N 272.

As stated in the government decree, this applies to heads of Federal government agencies. The Ministry in their explanation talks about States��indigenous employees.

Recall that initially, the officials at all levels had to report about income, expenses and assets each year before 1 April. But in connection with the transfer of many employees to work remotely in the mode of self-isolation because of the threat of coronavirus deadlines for returns was postponed to August 1, inclusive.

While data on income is published within 14 working days from the date of expiry of the deadline. This year is the 20th of August inclusive, not later, said the Ministry of labor.

Since August 1, the insurance pensions to working pensioners will be more. They are re-calculated each year as established by the Federal law of 28 December 2013 N 400-FZ “About insurance pensions”.

Recalculation of pensions is linked to the fact that working pensioners of the company make contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR). And thanks to this, pensions are rising. However, they cannot be increased more than three pension points. And since, according to the website of the FIU in 2020, one point is equal to 93 rubles, a pension can grow a maximum of 279 rubles.

the Recalculation of pension of a working pensioner is individual and depends on the level of his salary.

From August 5, foreign students can work in their free time without obtaining special work permits. This is stated in the Federal law of 6 February 2020 N 16-FZ.

But this applies only to those students who are enrolled in the University with state accreditation. If the alien was terminated or interrupted training, work, the contract will be terminated.

Now without the special permission to work international students are on vacation or in their free time only in educational institutions, economic companies or partnerships, established by the universities where they study.

From August 24 to earn the amendments to the law on insurance of individual tariffs. The base rate will cease to be the same for all car owners in the same area, and will be determined by the insurer for each individual. This is stated in the Federal law of may 25, 2020 N 161-FZ.

But the possibility of the insurer, as before, will be limited to maximum and minimum values of the base rates established by the Bank of Russia.

Now, for example, for passenger cars this corridor is set from 2746 rubles to 4942 of the ruble. But it can be expanded according to new project of the Central Bank, 10 percent up and down.

In the end, undisciplined car owners will pay the increased basic fare, and responsible – you will receive a discount.

To gross violations include running a red light, speeding more than 60 km/h and driving on the oncoming lane and control of the car while intoxicated. But all that insurers will consider when the violations thefixerofany by the police. Fines from cameras in the price of insurance will not affect.

From August 28 in the Arctic will create a preferential mode of operation for companies that plan to implement new projects. This is stated in the Federal law of July 13, 2020 N 193-FZ “On state support of entrepreneurial activities in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation”.

Residents of the Arctic zone will teach the benefits of Federal, state and local taxes, as well as reduced rates of insurance contributions. For residents reduced the time of scheduled inspections, simplification of their mechanism.

applications for getting the status of resident Arctic zone will start with August 28.