Lavrov's visit to Latin America: first stop in Cuba

Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov arrived in Cuba during his trip to Latin America. The Russian foreign Minister, together with his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez visited Tsitsernakaberd memorial complex and laid flowers to the graves of Fidel Castro and josé martí.

Sergei Lavrov began a tour of Latin America with a visit to Cuba. It is called symbolic because it stop just for an hour. But this time foreign Minister laid flowers to the grave of Fidel Castro and Jose Marti, the Minister also signed the book of honorable guests. Last visit to the friendly Republic took place in July 2019.

“the History of bilateral relations is associated with the ideological inspirer and Creator of the Cuban revolution, a true leader is persistent and indomitable people of the island of freedom Fidel Castro. A personality without exaggeration, on a planetary scale. We specially picked this route to honor the memory of commander and visit the cemetery of Saint Iphigenia, where also lie the remains of the other fighters for the independence of Cuba.”

On the second day of the Russian Minister are waiting in Mexico city, where he planned talks with foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard. The subject for discussion will be topical issues of international and regional agenda. Will also discuss various approaches to the solutions of a global nature.

the Ministers will consider the questions of development of integration processes in the Latin American region, including countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC).

“we Hope that the efforts of the new Mexico’s presidency of CELAC to Latin Americans will be able to overcome internal divisions on the basis of the adopted in January of this year in Mexico city working program. Overcoming such contradictions enable us to resume the functioning of dialogue mechanisms between Russia — CELAC comfortable for partners form.”

the Final stop Lavrov on 7 February in Venezuela. The last time the headsand foreign Minister visited Caracas in 2011. Then it took the former President mills, Hugo Chavez. This time, however, it will take his successor in this post, Nicolas Maduro. The visit coincides not with the simple to Venezuela at times. Today, the official Caracas opposed to external influences and tough sanctions.