Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov shared his opinion about whether to close the border to Russians after the end of the pandemic COVID-19. On this subject he expressed in an interview with Youtube channel RBC.

“I see no reason for raising the question this way,” said Lavrov.

travel abroad is not a privilege but a right of every citizen, enshrined in the Constitution, Lavrov recalled. We can only advise people to be cautious and to rely more on travel companies, but the final decision they must make for themselves.

“I think the tourist industry will make their own conclusions of the situation, we’ll be ready in this work to participate,” the Minister said.

Earlier, Lavrov said that after the pandemic coronavirus the world may not be so open as before. It would take a long time to have a global communications system recovered, but it is highly likely that the former freedom of movement will remain in the past.

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