Lavrov said the world is becoming more dangerous egocentrism USA

But if you listen to the conversations in boardrooms, it is difficult to escape the impression that all the progress on the creation of multilateral mechanisms to ensure stability and prosperity around the world, after 75 years after the Second world war threatens to turn back the clock. And this is largely due to the egocentrism of the Western countries headed by the USA, further retreating from the spirit of the agreements of the time. This was the leitmotif of the speeches of the foreign Minister of Russia, Sergei Lavrov, arrived in Geneva for high-level segment of the 43rd session of the UN Council on human rights (HRC) and the Conference on disarmament, and also held several bilateral meetings.

the Head of the Russian foreign Ministry urged to declare victory in the Second world war “historical heritage of mankind”

needless to say, if even in neutral Switzerland, in the office of the United Nations can be attacked. About this curious but characteristic incident, told the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, in the corridors of Georgian journalist literally “lashed out at the Russian delegation”. “Go was impossible. Shouting, pushing, pushing, trying to get through to the Minister. Had to push has lost all the dignity of a woman to go forward,” said Zakharov, adding that this “storm” was started in order to the question of whether Lavrov in Tbilisi. At the same time, asking questions of the Minister on Russian journalist in English shouted “don’t touch me” (in Russian. “don’t touch me”). “A pitiful sight. We were “hooked”, but the chief was not injured,” she concluded, having attached to record in the “Facebook” photo of the scratched hand of a colleague.

Photo: CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON - Pool/Getty Images Lavrov said the terms of a new summit in the Normandy formate

the Minister at the session of the HRC drew attention to how human rights are increasingly used in short-term political purposes. Lavrov urged to declare victory in the Second world war, “historical patrimony of humanity”, drawing attention to its 75th anniversary all the more clearly visible the attempts of some countries to rewrite history to suit parochial interests. The Minister called “an Orgy of unconsciousness” how “civilized Europe shamefully silent, watching the blasphemous war monuments and memorials in honor of those who gave life to save the people of the continent from complete destruction”, while increasingly attempting to perpetuate the memory of the murderers.

Saps the situation of human rights and obvious double standards. In this context, Lavrov pointed out that as the Western guardians of democracy “turn a blind eye to the blatant suppression of basic human rights in Ukraine”, including Kiev adopted a law on language, the media, who “trample on the rights of national minorities, de facto establish a state censorship”. “In the Baltic countries has become the norm, the suppression of media freedom, the persecution of dissent, infringement of the rights of national minorities up to the shameful phenomenon of statelessness”, – he stated, drawing attention to the strengthening of extremist parties and movements of the Nazi persuasion. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia has demanded from the HRC to give this assessment, but, according to him, the West does not hurry up to influence their protégés.

In the light of the plans of some Western countries, primarily the United States and France, military space exploration Sergei Lavrov has called for measures to prevent military confrontation in this space. The head of the Russian foreign Ministry pointed out that it is still in the CD was formulated only one constructive suggestion on this problem – namely, the Russian-Chinese draft Treaty on prevention of placement of weapons in outer space.