The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the end of 2019, reported income of 489 8 293 ruble 77 cents, according to the information about the incomes and property of members of the government.

The wife of the Minister at the same time earned 353 233 rubles, she also owns the Skoda Superb. The Minister in the personal possession of a vehicle not declared.

In joint ownership between spouses are a land area of 2.8 thousand square meters, a house area of 499 square meters, garage of 100 square meters. The Minister also owns an apartment with an area of 247 square metres and a garage at 17.7 per square meter.

The same data regarding the property of the Minister was contained in last year’s Declaration. Lavrov income grew compared to a year 2018 approximately 1, 149 million rubles.