Lavrov reminded the participants of the conference on security about the words of academician Sakharov

“the Policy could lead to nuclear war” – these words of Andrei Sakharov reminded the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, speaking at the Munich security conference. The full quote nuclear physicist, Nobel peace prize reads: “a Nuclear war can arise from ordinary, and conventional war, as we know, arises out of policy”. Quoting scientist, Lavrov reiterated that the obligation to save the world lies with “diplomats, politicians, the entire international community”, quoted the Minister TASS.

Lavrov said that Russia has always advocated the peaceful settlement of disputes and remains committed to the diplomatic ways to resolve differences. Therefore, NATO and Western countries should abandon the cultivation of the phantom about the “Russian threat”, to cease to escalate tensions and promote NATO’s military infrastructure to the East. The Minister reminded about the initiative of Vladimir Putin to start a conversation format meeting of heads of the States permanent members of the UN security Council.

“we Need a direct and honest exchange of views on how to preserve peace for future generations”, — stressed the Minister. He pointed out that since the end of the Second world war, humanity is subjected to the greatest number of risks and threats: the crumbling system of agreements in the sphere of strategic stability, lowered the threshold of use of nuclear weapons, are proliferating regional crises, violated international law, introduced illegal sanctions, undermining the global markets and the global trading system.

Lavrov touched upon the topic of revolutionary technologies. They are, in the opinion of the head of the Russian foreign Ministry should not have a negative impact on global stability, implementing militarization in cyberspace. “Dangerous tendencies” Lavrov said attempts to impose its rules and to “privatize” the secretariats of international organizations. A glaring example is the situation in The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons”.

to Cope with global challenges is possible only by joining forces and respecting the principles of genuine multilateralism, summed up the Russian foreign Minister.