“as for the question about the possibility of the transfer of nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland, that will be a direct violation of the founding act Russia – NATO, in which NATO pledged not to place any at the moment or in the future nuclear weapons on the territory of new NATO members. I doubt that these procedures will be launched in practical terms,” said Sergei Lavrov, commenting on the words of the US Ambassador in Poland Georgette of Mosbacher declared a possible approximation of nuclear weapons to the borders of Russia.

the Head of the Russian foreign Ministry drew attention to the fact that such statements from the lips of the U.S., which thus dictate terms of Washington to the governments of the host countries. “For me the most noticeable, if you like, in this story lies not in nuclear weapons, and how freely U.S. ambassadors to European countries not simply stating the position of his country, and dictate the position of the country”, – said Lavrov.

earlier, the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova at the briefing said that such statements from Washington officials exacerbate the already “experiencing not the best period of relations between Russia and NATO.” “A real contribution to strengthening European security issue would be the return of American warheads on the territory of the United States. So long ago entered Russia, returning all nuclear weapons to its national territory”, – said Zakharov.