“We expressed to the German side concern about the situation in our cooperation on cyber security. Last year and this year recorded a significant number of cyber attacks against facilities and agencies in Russia, based on the German segment of the Internet”, – said Lavrov.

As the Minister said, from January 2019 to may 2020 recorded 75 attacks on Russian resources. In all of these cases, Moscow has sent notification to the competent German agencies, however, the answer received only seven of them, though formal in nature, without specifics. Held on 11 August the talks Lavrov drew the attention of the Meuse at this point. “Ignore trade requests corresponds little to what is said at the political level”, – said the Russian foreign Minister.

Lavrov said that by 2018 Russia and Germany held bilateral consultations on cyber security, but then they were stopped on the initiative of Berlin. Now we are discussing the question of the possible restoration of this channel.

with regard to claims on the issue of cooperation on the case of murder in the Tiergarten, then, according to Lavrov, all the appeals were transferred to the existing Russian side information. Some queries went unanswered simply because of such information in Russia, said the Russian foreign Minister, adding that Moscow wanted to hear the answers for the 75 cases in connection with attacks on Russian companies.