Lavrov expressed hope for the improvement of the situation in Idlib

in his words, “we fully understand the complexity of the problem of migrants for the European Union. We have a dialogue on migration issues between Russia and the European external action service. We will continue, we will strive to contribute to the solution of this problem.”

Lavrov also stressed: “We hope that our colleagues in the European Union, addressing issues concerning the situation in Syria, will definitely pay attention to how they do it, the problem of illegal immigration”.+

Photo: LOUAI BESHARA / AFP Turkish troops was shot down in the skies over Syria aircraft of government forces

Lavrov Also said that the meeting of presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is scheduled for March 5, will change the situation.

“the Solution is through the full implementation of the agreements of the presidents of Russia and Turkey, which was reached in September 2018 in the area of de-escalation of Idlib. They are, unfortunately, not yet implemented. And we hope that the this week’s meeting of the presidents Putin and Erdogan will allow you to change this situation and start to move towards the implementation of what we agreed,” – said the Russian Minister.

Minister of foreign Affairs of Finland Peck Haavisto also called on the EU and all parties in Syria to cease fire. “For us it is very important that the EU acted the same way in relation to the situation in Syria, he stressed. – From our point of view, such a situation, where one side is Turkey with his troops on the other side of the Syrian troops, and between them approximately one million refugees. This is an intolerable situation. We call on all parties and sides to create on this territory a cease-fire.”