Lavrov: Any compromises with terrorists in Syria can not be

“We advocate that there has been no compromise with the terrorists, who raised his head after the outbreak in 2011 of the so-called Arab spring,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. According to him, the settlement of the conflict in Syria is impossible without a political dialogue and on the basis of respect for foreign players to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States.

Photo: Omar HAJ KADOUR / AFP the defense Ministry announced the attack of terrorists in the Syrian Idlib

Lavrov also expressed his condolences to Ankara because of the death of the military in Syria. He stated that if the agreement between the presidents of Russia and Turkey in Idlib would be performed in full, such tragedies as the deaths of Turkish soldiers might have been avoided.

Idlib – the latter is not controlled by the Damascus area of de-escalation. The situation there deteriorated sharply in early February due to regular violations of the ceasefire by militants.