Geneva is next week in the sign of the Laver Cup. With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, which together account for 39 Grand Slam titles, and at least eight other Top-30 Stars of the Crème de la Crème of the Tennis is at the Palexpo in use.

the title of Champions of Europe as the favorite in the race, enjoying against the Team world the home advantage. For Federer, the Event, which was newly included in the ATP calendar is more than just a tournament. For him, it is a matter of the heart.

What is the Laver Cup is?

The Laver Cup, a continental competition that has been launched in 2017, under the patronage of Roger Federer and Tony Godsicks sports Agency Team 8, the Australian and American tennis Association, as well as by the former Davis Cup player and current billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann to life. It is named after the Australians Rod Laver, whose immense success in the pre-professional Era of Tennis to be appreciated.

It was the idea of the Swiss Superstars, personally, to honor the 81-year-old Tennis legend in this way – Federer is a big admirer of Lavers, the Slam as the only players to twice the Grand, so all four Major tournaments in a year, won.

What makes him special?

Nick Kyrgios, of his toughest rivals tips. Dominic Thiem, the jumps with excitement from the Sofa, when his team-mates, he sees otherwise only on the other side of the net, points. Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer jumps to a recycled match ball in the common double-in the arms.

Alexander Zverev, of the exchanges for a week with his models and according to their own statements much of it is learning. The great legends Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe, the cheer on of the Captains-Bank-and compassion – of course, like fire and ice, on their opposite ways.

What is the Tennis-eye with so much spectacle that is already dry? Under Rogers ‘ leadership, the Laver-Cup developed-founder in a Format that makes almost a week-long competitors to friends and game generations together. This with the aim to make Tennis more attractive, ancient traditions to modern needs, and to generate worldwide attention, making the sport ultimately is promoted.

there Are world ranking points up for grabs?

The Laver Cup means spectacle. That he has blossomed, but already after two sweeps to more than just a Show-Event, proves its inclusion in the ATP calendar. World ranking points there is no – at least for the time being – still.

But the event now enjoys the privilege, by the tennis Association markets and through its professional staff (including referees and line judges) are supported. Like the first two tournaments have shown, was the Laver Cup for the players from the start, more than an Exhibition, it should be a lot of Prestige.

What comes to Geneva?

To Prague in 2017 and last year Chicago enjoys Team Europe for the second Time, home advantage. Will be played from Friday, 20. September until Sunday, 22. September in Geneva’s Palexpo. The location is a Hardcourt, which is the Laver Cup traditional black – and unique on the Tour! The Swiss audience is extremely enthusiastic.

The demand – most of the around 90 000 Tickets were sold out within minutes, shows that many Fans from the German part of Switzerland and our neighbouring countries are arriving. It is the opportunity to see once in the life of Federer and the other idols live!

game mode

a Total of twelve matches will be played within the three days – daily three single and a double. The Captains choose the players, announce the establishment only in the short term. No one is allowed to ride more than two days a single best, for this purpose, each of the six team members has to play on Friday or Saturday a minimum of a single.

The games go over two profit rates – the 3. Set decides a Champions Tiebreak (10 points). A victory on Friday is worth 1 point, on Saturday 2, Sunday 3. The Team that gets the first 13 of a total of 24 points, wins. It is clear that the match is decided by only on Sunday. It should be after 12 matches, 12:12, there will be a final double-set.

winners and prices

Every participant is a current world ranking-dependent, secret Startgage gets. For the victory, which went to both at the Premiere in 2017 in Prague (15:9) as well as last year in Chicago (13:8) ans Team Europe, there are 250 000 US dollars prize money per player.

How can you be here?

Even without the costly Tickets, the Fans can come close to the movie Stars. If you like, you can even free on Wednesday, 18. September salute to 12 noon in person at the public event “Welcome to the City” in Geneva Palais Eynard in the Parc des Bastions. The players, the Team Captains Borg and McEnroe and Rod Laver are allowed to be on site – along with the shiny trophy for the Australian one of his previous trophies smelting.

On Thursday, the 19. September (12 to 17 hours) train Roger, Rafa and co. – and anyone who wants can be there live, watch it and at the same time, the biggest fan zone ever in the Palexpo, with a variety of entertainment and culinary delights to enjoy. Tickets are available at the “Open Practice Event” for the unit price of 20 francs.

The fan zone is open on the days of competition starting at 10 am. For all three-day Tickets are still available, the price of admission is 15 Swiss francs for adults, 10 CHF for children up to 12 years. For Laver-Cup-spectators access to the fan zone is included.

Where you can follow the Laver Cup?

In Switzerland, the channel TV24 broadcast live.

Team Europe

Rafael Nadal (Sp, ATP 2)

Roger Federer (Sz, 3)

Dominic Thiem (Austria, 5)

Alexander Zverev (De, 6)

Stefanos Tsitsipas (Gr, 7)

Fabio Fognini (It, 11)

replacement: R. Bautista Agut (Sp, 10)

Captain: Björn Borg (Sd)

Team World

John Isner (USA, ATP 20)

Milos Raonic (Ka, 24)

Nick Kyrgios (Aus, 27)

Taylor Fritz (USA, 30)

Denis Shapovalov (Ka, 33)

Jack Sock (USA, 208/double 37)

replacement: J. Thompson (From, 53)

Captain: John McEnroe (USA)