The wielercompetities to lie down flat, and, therefore, to search for the drivers, challenges off the race track. Wednesday-picked up Oliver Naesen with a very impressive racing from the 365 miles of the court of East-Flanders, belgium, Friday, did, Laurens De Vreese, there is still a small amount in addition to a trip 368,94 miles on the rollers in the drive. In the first stage, the Astana team had a little more than 11 hours for that. Even an ex-cyclist Johan Vansummeren hasn’t been able to climb in and drove 230 miles on a mountain bike.

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in All, it was not anyone in the platoon, are under the impression that the performance of Laurens De Vreese. “It was, perhaps, with twenty men, each one within an hour of their account names,” responded Thomas De Gendt. “I have come to know him well enough, and he would be sure to scare.”

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it’s a De Vreese had been job actually is really made. As he explained afterwards, in Very. “What, Oliver, Naesen did it, I wanted to be on the roll, do so. My friend pointed out that I was the indoorplatform) Zwift with a circle in it to use with a low-altitude. At 6: 30 am you are the morning I started on the project. After 125 kilometres, it was my pants were soaked. That’s when I took a toilet stop and a dry koersbroekje attracted to it. You don’t really know what to do all the inside work myself. 4 bottles energy drink, 4 bottles of water, 1 liter, 1 ice tea and 1 cup of coffee. My friend has been to me in the afternoon even come stock with bones.”

De Vreese made his way to his own words, ” out of respect for the minister, Maggie De Block. “They had been called upon to get your side is to continue to be. I have to show you the fun things you can do if you are a student doesn’t pass away. And now it’s up to Oliver to Naesen. “The 500 I think is a good number to be on the roll”, do as De Vreese and a suggestion. “Time for reflection”, use replication to the other.

Johan Vansummeren is

” What Naesen, and De Vreese, can, would it be better to Johan Vansummeren may have thought. Even though the 39-year-old Person for quite a while, with wielerpensioen, it is still quite a bit of cycling. He was Wednesday, 230 miles away. In and of itself, not really if you consider that he has the track with the bike laid down.

He began his career at Lommel, belgium, through the Antwerp and Brussels, and return to the starting point. As a former winner of Paris-Roubaix, it was fitting, he raced mostly on dirt and gravel roads.
Johan Vansummeren rode the 230 km to the mountain (Photo: Instagram Introduced A 4 (Photo: Instagram Introduced A 4 (Photo: Instagram Introduced 4 for More information on Thomas De Gendt is A coronadag in the life of Thomas De Gendt: “After that, I took a shower, but I don’t have to be filmed”, with Thomas De Gendt was not to be left behind and ride the Milan-san remo in his own country, of The Lotto-Soudal from 2033? Thomas De Gendt is preparing his children for a Tour of the Quarantine,” in the backyard of the Thomas’, The Company predicts a “very rare” Tour “of the Riders who you think you are that good, it will not perform well”