As soon as the baby news is out, Michael Wendler and his wife Laura use their offspring to earn money. It is a new climax in the bizarre love story of the couple, in whose relationship hardly anyone believed at the beginning.

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are expecting their first child together. The 22-year-old surprised her Instagram followers with this message this morning. For a photo in which she and Wendler hold baby shoes in their hands, she wrote: “Love in the stomach: our great happiness is on the way.”

As befits a true influencer, Laura immediately used her baby post to get the advertising drum rolling. Laura and Wendler have been earning their money on the OnlyFans payment platform for some time. Now fans who are willing to pay can also view Laura’s first baby bump photos there.

There have been frequent rumors about a possible Wendler baby. Laura and Michael themselves never made a secret of the fact that they wanted children. So why did the pregnancy news still come as a big surprise? That could be because initially no one believed that the relationship between the two would actually last that long. After all, the parents-to-be polarized from the start with their unusual love and have been among the most controversial celebrities in Germany for four years. The very beginning of their relationship was pretty headline-grabbing.

Wendler was still with Claudia Norberg until the end of 2018. The two went through life together for almost 30 years. In October 2018 they then officially announced their marriage. At this point, the pop singer is said to have already met his second wife.

Laura, who is a big hit fan herself, and Michael allegedly met at one of his concerts – just a few weeks after her 18th birthday. At the time, Wendler was already 46 years old and had a 16-year-old daughter. The 28-year age difference and the fact that Laura could easily pass as his daughter did not stop them and became a couple. For Laura the first real relationship in her life.

Laura even visited Wendler in his adopted home of Florida, but had to be back in Germany in time for the end of the school holidays. The 18-year-old was still going to school and actually intended to study teaching after graduating from high school. But their plans for the future were to change quickly and drastically. Because after the press got wind of the unusual relationship, the two made their love public on Instagram in February 2019.

Despite all the criticism of their relationship – and there was definitely no lack of that – Laura and Wendler posted new couple shots in love almost every day and chatted about their relationship in interviews. The high school graduate even appeared in a Wendler music video. Back then, no one believed in true love. But on the contrary. Most people online were sure that Laura just wanted to become famous through Wendler.

The then 46-year-old was also accused of a fake relationship for PR purposes. No wonder, after all, the two were not only in the press every day for the next two years, but were also omnipresent on television. From “The Summer House of the Stars” to “Let’s Dance” and DSDS to a supermarket advertisement – Laura and Wendler took almost everything with them. Laura even made it into Playboy with her own photo series. The quirky couple quickly became the ultimate reality trash couple and Laura became a successful influencer. All plans to study were quickly forgotten. Even their engagement in 2020 was marketed to media attention.

At the latest, however, after Michael Wendler’s Corona scandal, many expected the marriage to end – at this point the two had even said yes to each other. Wendler was very controversial about the corona measures that will apply in 2020 and spread conspiracy theories about vaccination. All contractual partners immediately separated from Wendler. He was even deleted from the DSDS season that was already running at that time. In addition to Dieter Bohlen, Wendler could only be seen blurred at the jury desk. His social media accounts have all been suspended. Laura Müller’s cooperation partners also ended the collaboration after she made it clear that she would support her new husband and not separate. Her influencer career, which had been going splendidly up to that point, was suddenly gone.

But that did not mean the end of the Wendler headlines. Wendler himself continued to spread his crude views via the Telegram news service. Although Laura still has her Instagram account, she mainly uses it to promote her two OnlyFans accounts. While she posts about her everyday life with Michael on one profile and, for example, presents her XXL luxury Advent calendar, the other account mainly shows revealing photos of her.

However, Wendler involuntarily delivered the biggest headlines after his TV break. The musician is said to have accumulated a considerable mountain of debt. The German tax investigation has long since targeted the “She loves the DJ” interpreter. In 2021 there was even a brief arrest warrant against Michael Norberg, as Wendler is called by his real name. But even that didn’t bother Michael and Laura. They continued to appear relaxed online as usual and boasted about their supposed luxury life. A life that will surely change drastically in a few months. With her baby, boat trips and Las Vegas trips will probably be a thing of the past for a while.

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