Why did Claudia Norberg (49) and Schlager Star Michael Wendler (47) really? Again and again there was speculation and public bickering about the reason for the marriage almost two years ago. Thus, Norberg claimed in the jungle camp, that Wendlers girlfriend Laura Müller (19) carried debt at the end of their relationship.

“Was the new woman in the separation of reason?”, wanted to jungle camp-Mrs Sonja Kirchberger (55) of knowledge at the time of Claudia Norberg. You: “Yes, of course. I had not but thought that the dispute we had at the time, has helped.” And: “In the whole Situation, he has hit you then. Then he fell in love with the holding in this girl.”

“If you are talking about, I would be the reason, then she’s a liar”

Now the Influencerin kicks back and collects charges against the Ex-wife of her loved one. Laura Müller accuses Claudia Norberg to be during the marriage with Michael Wendler cheated. The “Let’s Dance”-a candidate speaks in a new episode of the documentary “Laura and the Wendler – totally in love in America” via Norberg. As they are confronted with accusations of being to blame for the marriage had been Off, says the 19-Year-old: “If she tells, I the separation would be reason, then she’s lying. I could also tell a lot!”

“The relationship was no longer”

you etched: “The relationship was longer. She has chosen another man, and if you do that, then you have to stand by it and should not accuse me that I took out of that man!” Michael Wendler himself suggested this already in the TV. In “the summer house of the Stars”, he claimed that his Ex had cheated on him. The discussion as to the true separation is likely to go with Laura Miller’s allegations in a new round. (kad)