The Wendler escalate in the sixth episode of the TVNOW-Doku-soap “Laura and the Wendler”! When he learns that the supplier of the new kitchen took equipment for the newly renovated love nest in Cape Coral his old microwave, raging, he is so wild, you have to wait as a spectator to the fact that the singer will turn green and the Hulk is mutated.

Wendlers daughter Adeline Norberg’s left: “The was old.” The Wendler, but – as we know from his relationship -that old is still good enough. “Theft!”, he calls. And even days later.

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Laura is visibly annoyed from the buzzing side of your hero. “Michael is a type of man: If it doesn’t work the way he wants, he will quickly change tense.”

Wendler is in your thoughts still in its micro-waves-Trauma: “The just took off!” The Interview needs to be interrupted, because the pop star is attacked by a wild animal. “Here, a mosquito, God is ‘!” TVNOW tele show

The movements are erratic. “This is really disgusting! Laura, do you see anything?” At the end you have to do everything on her own. The Wendler proves that he can do a Fly harm.

“Laura and the Wendler”: “she has chosen for another man”

to look Worse than the flies-attack on his life: The Wendler and Laura on the Tablet, the jungle camp-moments of his Ex. As Claudia Norberg claims, they would have used Wendlers money, the speaks: “The compensation they receive is so extensive that you can live with it until the end-of-life. But you need to, you would not have had it.”

In another scene, the 49-Year-old claimed: “I have built up his career.” In addition, the Wendler may laugh on the Couch. “I didn’t know,” he says.

The next scene annoys Laura: “Was the new woman in the separation of reason?”, questions the jungle colleagues. “Yes, of course,” says Norberg. Wendler comforts Laura with a kiss as you watch this scene.

“The lie,” says Laura. “I’m not the separation reason,” the 19-Year-old clearly. “I could tell a lot, but I don’t do this,” she explains. And doing it: “she has chosen another man, and if you do that, you must be also.”

“Laura and the Wendler”: “We have made a decision that is very crass”

A few weeks later, the film team visited the Couple again. The “love nest” in Cape Coral is ready. However, the two have a Surprise in store: “After two weeks, we have taken a decision that is very blatant and nobody expected,” announces the Wendler.

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the two Separate? The Wendler depends on the career on the nail? The decision is so blatant that neither of the two dare in a chat with Laura’s dad, Klaus and his partner Gaby with the truth out the back. TVNOW tele show

After mutual sneak Around the rest of the bomb, but then burst: “We will tear down the house.” Gaby hopes to have a reception fault or a joke and asks: “What are you doing?”

The dismay is understandable, finally, the two extra from Germany were flown in to a week long renovation project.

“Laura and the Wendler”: The Grand finale 2020, is to explain the wedding

The rest of it with the “Laura effect”. He can never imagine to build a house, but “with Laura, nothing seems impossible.” And the cost? No matter! The Wendler’s Yes, obviously.

The money that went through the press, seem to be sung away. “I am right, I build my first house, I’m only 19,” says Laura. You have to build a Nest for the children, and the house was much too small. TVNOW Teleschau TVNOW tele show

Hopefully, the digested-in-law, parents-in-law this message soon. To be “at the latest, of our wedding, the two will visit us again – and which are not so long,” says the Wendler. “The crowning glory of the year 2020 is our wedding,” says Laura. The planning is apparently already in full swing.

The romantic backdrop of the sunset in Cape Coral uses Wendler for a cinematic Happy ending. “We want to get married, we want to build our future.”

to his haters, he has a message: “We’re really in love, and that’s why the chatter of the outside doesn’t matter to me. What is important is what we feel both of you.”

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