more than a spontaneous reaction to a funny Situation to Laugh. Laugh heard since time immemorial to the innate reflexes of the people. It is a common phenomenon, which strengthens the social relations between people, and how Yawning is contagious is working. The positive influence of Laughter on health and Psyche has been scientifically proven. Deal laughing is a natural way of the body with anxiety and Stress. Because when you Laugh heaps will be the release of endorphins poured out, has a Laugh to relieve the strain. Thus, people who Laugh a lot are going to be more relaxed through the day.

What is laughter yoga?

probably The most important finding from the Gelotologie (the official term for the salmon research) is that Laughter doesn’t have to be, of course, to have a positive impact on the body. And with this realization, the laughter yoga comes into play: over 20 years Ago by the Indian physician Madan Kataria had recognized the healing effect of Laughter – but him and his friends, the jokes went out with the time. So the laugh doctor has developed together with his wife, the laughter yoga, which is the traditional breathing exercises of Yoga combined with methods that provoke Laughter.

What are the advantages of Laughing?

The Salmon-Guru recommends a day for 15 to 20 minutes, according to the neck of the piece to laugh for an Optimum of the positive effects of:

When you Laugh, more oxygen is absorbed, what is withdraw the brain function, metabolism, and the cardiovascular system and strengthens Intense Laughter activates more than 100 muscles When we laugh, stress hormones – the side effect is a strengthened immune system a liberating effect, which promotes self-awareness and creativity, such As laughter yoga really works has a Laugh?

The laughter yoga, creativity knows no limits. Important is to the correct breathing, care is taken not from the chest but from the stomach, below the diaphragm. Followers of the Salmon Gurus start your Salmon rituals with Clapping and probably the simplest Mantra, “Ho-ho-ha-ha-ha”. And at some point the Laughter comes from alone. This is much easier if done in a group – maybe it is worthwhile, therefore, is in one of the many laughter clubs in Switzerland and the German-speaking area and stop by.

Everything you need to know about Yoga

Yoga has established itself in the Western world long been a popular way to physical health and vitality. Hollywood Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Richard Gere swear on the Trend from India. But where Yoga comes from, what the philosophy is behind it and what types are there?

Who is withdrawn, recommending Kataria, to laugh in everyday life more and more conscious – here’s a comedian and funny series can provide relief. (chj)