The Swiss singer Alejandro Reyes (27) has everything it takes to be a Latin Star: a warm voice, a radiating toned body and a Laugh, the pure joy of life. The native Chilean has on the streaming platform Spotify over 150’000 monthly listeners, and his new Single “Señorita” was viewed on Youtube more than a Million Times. Reyes’ Latin-Pop has the potential to become a big summer hit.

taught himself to play the guitar via Youtube

“I wanted to be as a little Boy on the stage,” says Reyes, who came as a nine-year-old with his parents to Switzerland, to Lausanne. “It probably has something to do with the fact that I moved from my birth, to the attention of the people.”

the reason: The singer was born with only one Hand. Of his Handicap he had, however, never restrict, concrete Reyes. “I learned to ride a Skateboard, worked as a fitness instructor and got me when I was an apprentice store in the Guitar, with Youtube Videos playing the guitar self-taught.” Here, too, his missing Hand was not an obstacle but an incentive. “I built my parrot – a type of glove made of plastic with built-in guitar pick. So I can play the Instrument perfectly.”

ESC-From the largest fortune”

After appearances “was as a street musician Alejandro Reyes 2013 has been booked for Montreux Jazz Festival, in 2014 he made it in the French edition of the casting show “The Voice” last year, he was there for the Swiss ESC-excretion. That he lost the race against the Band, Zibbz, was his greatest happiness. “Otherwise, you will always have these ESC-stamp”, is Reyes for sure.

Of the ESC-Fans, he got back only to hear nice comments: “This is not a Bedauerungs-competition” or “don’t vote for him just because of his arm”, was there to read. Harsh criticism of Reyes is not irritated: “no Matter where I went in my life so far, I always fell for,” says the singer. “In school I was bullied by the other boys because of my missing Hand. But the girls were nice to me,” says Reyes.

“By my particularity, I came to the opposite sex, even really good.” This has not changed until today – on the contrary. “I have no “pickup line”, (English: Mixing-spell), but a Pickup-Arm,” says Reyes with a laugh.

What’s missing is the big love

No doubt about it: The Latino singer has made his supposed Handicap and a strength. The Only thing missing for him, is love the great: “I would like to have a woman by my side. Prefer a Swiss-German woman, then I could get my next hit of the summer may finally be on Schwiizertüütsch out.”