Last hours in Europe: some British cheer, others cry

for less than 6 hours, Britain will leave the EU, which was almost half a century. Brexit has become the Kingdom of ordeal: sparked a political crisis, and ahead of more expected financial one. Losses from withdrawal from the EU valued at tens of billions of pounds. Under threat and the integrity of the UK — do not know how to behave in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Against this background, Boris Johnson is preparing to hold a party in Downing street for members of the government.

In the centre of London, Parliament square is already going to the most ardent supporters of Brexit. Under the feet of some you can see the European flag. Standing on it people are happy to sing his farewell song.

At the same time, near the offices of the European Parliament in London gathered opponents of Brexit.

– We are not going to give up. And I hope that the day will come when the UK will return to the European Union.

not to heat up the passion, the British government no large-scale events in connection with the Brexit was not planned. In any case, to the center strapped extra police. The majority of protesters are to gather before Parliament to 23 o’clock local time, when Britain officially leave the European Union.

– We have specially arrived here from the North of England, and would like to enjoy these moments. Finally it was over!

To the disappointment of celebrating the famous big Ben will be silent today, he’s still on the repair. But there will be a projection of hours on the building of the Prime Minister’s residence, where will be held an official reception. In different parts of the UK so-called “brassfire” arrange their private parties. In the headquarters of the Conservative party of the town of Romford promise fireworks and English treats.

– Pie with potatoes, sausages, English cheese, biscuits, our traditional homemade desserts.

– And German beer and French wine?


"We’ve waited 47 years for this moment, we don’t want to be part of the European Union”, says sue Connolly, Secretary of the Deputy of the Parliament of great Britain.

Boris Johnson today held a meeting of the government in the light of England, in Sunderland, the people who voted for Brexit. Pre-recorded video message the Prime Minister will distribute tonight via social networks, but Newspapers are already actively quoting.

“This is the dawn of a new era where we will no longer accept that your life and the lives of your family needs to depend on what part of the country you grew up”, — stated in the statement of the Prime Minister of great Britain.

Against leaving the EU vote Scotland. Over the Scottish Parliament will continue to develop the EU flag — this is the decision of local deputies.

“Today, the UK leaves the European Union it is a sad moment for the whole country. Here in Scotland, given that all this is happening against the will of the majority, the grief is also colored by anger,” said Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first Minister.

Led by Sturgeon national party of Scotland intends to use this situation and to hold a second referendum on independence.

In 2014, the year the Scots have voted to stay in the UK, what has changed now?

“In 2014, we were promised that only in the United Kingdom we are able to maintain their status of EU citizens. Now we are deprived of this right, and we can’t let that happen,” explains Ian Blackford, the leader of the Scottish national party in the British Parliament.

In Northern Ireland are seriously concerned about the resumption of the old conflict between royalist Protestants and Catholics — supporters of a unified Ireland. Much will depend on whether there will be in the end the Irish open border.

“the Division threatens us with unrest. We could lose hundreds of thousands jobs. This will lead to an economic crisis,” — said Damien, poppy Ginnity.

At risk is another fragment of the British Empire is torn in his time in Spain Gibraltar. Against Brexit here voted 96 percent.

“Today we have nothing to celebrate. On the contrary, for us it is a day of great sadness. A lot of people wanted Gibraltar remained in the European Union, nearly 17 million British citizens voted for it,” said Fabiano Picardo, chief Minister of Gibraltar.

At midnight in front of the European Parliament will be lowered the British flag. Representing the UK, MEPs have resigned. Party Faraj left the courtroom with flags and to the strains of bagpipes. The rest sang a sad song on poems of burns on friendship and old times.

From 1 February Britain is suspending its participation in the work of the European bodies, but it continues to comply with the EU rules and to pay contributions until the end of December this year. This means that in the next 11 months residents of the UK and the Europeans will not feel any changes. The same applies to the business rules remain the same. But this time, London and Brussels have to sign a new full contract.

Especially for Brextit in London issued coins worth 50 pence with the words “Peace, prosperity and friendship among all peoples”. Critics have noticed that in a short text lacks a comma, and laughed at the fact that the date of issue of commemorative coins the British had to change three times as tolerated Brexit: the first was on March 29, 2019, then on 31 October, now January 31.

All this time, the team Boris Johnson has been campaigning for Brexit. Now to agitate not for that, the British government will have to prove that the country made the right choice.