Last day in the EU: a UK Brexit will celebrate with fireworks

there is a solution! Less than a day remains before the official release the UK from the EU. To emphasize the importance of the moment, the British Prime Minister promised to contact his fellow citizens with a solemn speech. And the Bank of Britain issued a commemorative coin with the date of Brexit. Three million of them have already entered into circulation.

In the UK towards Brexit preparing like for Christmas. Activists of the ruling Conservative party in the town of Romford decorate their headquarters, which bears the name of Margaret Thatcher. At the holiday party offers exclusively English treats. “Pie with potatoes, sausages, English cheese, biscuits, our traditional homemade desserts” — lists the member of the city Council of Romford ray best. German beer and French wine will not.

At eleven o’clock in the evening (it is midnight in European time), when Britain will leave the EU, there is planned a fireworks display.

“We’ve waited 47 years for this moment, when we can finally leave the organization — Secretary of the Deputy of the Parliament of great Britain sue Connelly. We joined her for a common market, it was only about trade. And then everything started to fit into some terrible superstate that dictates everything, how to live. And we don’t want to be part of it.

to Meet Brexit in Central London in Parliament square calls one of the main eurosceptic countries Farage. The ringing of the famous bell “big Ben” the audience will not hear the tower is still under repair. But the residence of the British Prime Minister will be projected the clock, and Boris Johnson intends to launch an appeal shortly before Brexit. On the eve of the upcoming congratulated him on a visit to London the Secretary of state.

“Our administration has said, “God help you”. Good luck. Look, you went through all that. We are watching you. We are glad for you,” said Michael Pompeo.

Johnson will get the first specialcially made for the “Brazito” a coin worth 50 pence with the inscription: “Peace, prosperity and friendship among all peoples”. On “Brucite” Johnson made his political career, becoming Prime Minister.

– In our country there were three great leaders: Churchill, Thatcher and this person.

His campaign promise to move the country from the European Union Prime Minister of great Britain in the end fulfilled. But the story of “Brexton” the end is not yet.

From February 1, the UK does not participate in the work of the European Commission and the European Parliament, but before the end of this year, she continues to pay dues and follow the rules of the EU. For the remaining 11 months of the EU and the UK must develop and sign a full-scale trade agreement.

“Britain is facing an unprecedented situation. Talks not only with EU but also other countries, which will need to conclude agreements in parallel. And all this in a limited period of time,” says partner of the law firm Charles Brasted.

business Representatives on both sides of the English channel anxiously waiting for what will eventually agree London and Brussels.

“I’m really worried for your and any other hospitality business that needs cleaners. Where do we find people who want to do the work, if there weren’t employees not from the UK?” – experiencing Marily Carr, founder of rental housing network UnderTheDoormat.

Reasons for concern abound: the EU loses one of the key countries. This is the first time, and this event affects all spheres of European life, including politics, economy, and security.