In dramaserien “Devils” play Lars Mikkelsen over for the Grey’s anatomy star Patrick Dempsey.

There is money, power and murder on the menu, when Lars Mikkelsen to may be experienced as a financial freedom fighter in the dramaserien “Devils”.

He must play opposite Patrick Dempsey, who has melted many kvindehjerter in the role of doctor Derek Shepherd in the series “Grey’s anatomy”.

“the Devils” is about the hidden trade war between the UNITED states and Europe in the 10’s, and the focus is particularly on the financial sector in London, Frankfurt and Milan.

It appears a press release from the Cmore, which lays the platform for the series, which is set to premiere on may 10.

The new series is based on the bestselling “In the diavoli”, which is written by the author Guido Maria Brera. He has worked for investment bank Morgan Stanley in London.

Lars Mikkelsen plays the role of Daniel Duval. He is wanted the world over and therefore in perpetual flight.

This is reflected in his character, which is “meager, has cold eyes and is an elusive personage, which is hard to read”, says the press release.

The 55-year-old Danish actor already has his name standing at several international rollelister.

He has played the president in “House of Cards” and the villain Charles Augustus Magnussen in the series “Sherlock”.

Lars Mikkelsen also appears in the Netflix series “The Witcher”.

Watch the trailer for the “Devils” here: